Cheap flights to Seville

Fly cheap to Valencia with Ryanair, Vueling and Air Berlin. You can depart from different airports in the Netherlands and across the border. An overview.

Seville airport

San Pablo Airport, the only airport of Seville, located not far as the crow flies from the airport of Portugal's Faro with the same name; So watch out. The San Pablo Airport in Seville is also used by budget airlines Vueling, Air Berlin and Ryanair.


Seville, capital of Andalusia, is an important city in terms of culture, politics, economics and art. The city is the proud owner of the largest historical center of Europe. Seville is also the birthplace of Spanish dance and flamenco music. An important event in the history of Seville was the discovery of the New World by Columbus. In response, it was founded in Seville'Archivo General de Indias', an organization that all voyages of discovery, trade relations and transport of conquered spoils coordinated. In Seville was full advantage of the resources that were imported from the colonies. Or maybe just not? In at least one case, Sevilla suffered a considerable loss. The city was in fact home to the famous silver fleet was intercepted by Admiral Piet Hein. Sevilla remained empty-handed, Piet Hein came richly laden home and got a hero fitted.

Cheap flights to Seville

  • Amsterdam with: Vueling - Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Brussels Intl. with: Vueling
  • Bremen: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Dortmund: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Dusseldorf: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Cologne / Bonn with: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Münster / Osnabrück with: Air Berlin / dba / NIKI / LTU
  • Niederrhein / Weeze with Ryanair

Sevilla with RyanAir

Airport Niederrhein / Weeze, one of the embarkation points to Sevilla, cited by Ryanair Dusseldorf / Weeze. The fact is that this is not the airport of the city of Düsseldorf, because that hot Düsseldorf Airport. The two airports are so easy to confuse. Pay attention to the IATA code's airports. One airport called Niederrhein / Weeze, the other Dusseldorf. The Dusseldorf / Weeze from RyanAir is Niederrhein / Weeze and not Düsseldorf. Do not you remember? You will not be the first to log on to the wrong airport, marred by RyanAir.

Transportation to the center from Seville Airport

Buses provide the 10 kilometers between the airport and the city in 20-30 minutes away, so little reason to spend more money on more expensive forms of transportation. From the airport also run shuttle buses to the main resorts in the area.
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