Cheap flights to Spain with Iberia Express

Iberia Express is designed to offer the traveler a cheap price for his or her ticket. This is done by the company using the route network of parent company Iberia, but with lower costs. Would you fly from Amsterdam to a sunny destination in Spain or you need a switch first Iberia Express to Madrid then is a good choice because of cheap tickets can be obtained from this low cost carrier.

The society

Iberia is a well known name in the world of aviation. It is even one of the largest airlines in the world. But society recognizes that the low-cost market is of great importance and therefore Iberia Express was founded. Iberia Express is owned by International Airlines Group, and began performing flights in March 2012. It's short and medium-haul flights. The flights are planned so that they have a good connection with the operations of the parent company. For example you can fly from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires, with a stopover in Madrid where the distance Amsterdam - Madrid is completed with the Express and the route from Madrid to Buenos Aires with the big Iberia. But of course you can also go for a direct flight to a holiday destination as Ibiza, Fuerteventura, La Palma and Menorca.
The aircraft of the society hardly distinguished from those of the parent company. Using the colors white, red and yellow and has the logo only the addition Express which you can conclude that it is the low cost provider. The headquarters of the company is in Chamartin, Madrid.
The creation of Iberia Express was announced in October 2011. This was accompanied by a lot of disagreement among staff. Pilots feared for their work and their working conditions are now in competition had to be with an airline. There were also new personnel recruited from the outset was to earn a lower salary. As a result of the prospects were mostly in December 2011 big strikes that traffic to and from Spain severely threw confused.
Bad news for drivers does mean good news for the traveler. Everything is geared to the cost of air making you, the customer, ultimately spend less money for your ticket. By saving various elements thinks Iberia Express from 2015 to be fully developed to the society that it wants to be with a fleet of about 40 aircraft and cheaper connections between all airports within its route network in Europe.

The fleet

The fleet of Iberia Express consists of the following devices:
  • 4 Airbus A320-200
Iberia Express has plans to expand the fleet to thirteen aircraft by the end of 2012.

The destinations

Iberia Express, you can fly to and from the following destinations:
  • Alicante - Alicante Airport
  • Fuerteventura - Fuerteventura Airport
  • Granada - Federico Garcia Lorca Airport
  • Ibiza - Ibiza Airport
  • La Palma - La Palma Airport
  • Lanzarote - Lanzarote Airport
  • Madrid - Barajas Airport Hub
  • Málaga - Málaga Airport
  • Minorca - Menorca Airport
  • Santiago de Compostela - Santiago de Compostela Airport
  • Sevilla - San Pablo Airport
  • Vigo - Vigo-Peinador Airport

  • Amsterdam - Schiphol Airport
  • Edinburgh - Edinburgh Airport Seasonal
  • Dublin - Dublin Airport
  • Mykonos - Mykonos Island National Airport
  • Naples - Naples Airport
  • Riga - Riga International Airport