Cheap flights to Turkey with Freebird Airlines

Cheap flights mean a good start to your holiday. Are you going on holiday to Turkey, you would just be flying with the low cost airline Freebird Airlines, which offers cheap flights from tour operators in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The society

Freebird Airlines is a Turkish airline based in Istanbul, Turkey. The company offers only charter flights between European cities and the Turkish tourist cities Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, Istanbul and Izmir. The main basis of society's Atatürk International Airport in Istanbul. In addition, Freebird Airlines hubs at Antalya Airport and Dalaman Airport.
Freebird Airlines was founded in June 2000 and began in April 2001 with the execution of the first flights. The first flight was between Istanbul and Lyon on 5 April. This flight was performed with a McDonnell Douglas MD-83. The company has already traded this type of aircraft for the Airbus A320 and A321, which are flown since late 2003.
The parent company of Freebird Airlines is Gözen Air Services. They do not offer, like many other airlines to do the ability to save through a frequent flyer program points for free flights and other extras.
Taking a flight with Freebird Airlines do you generally only buy a package from a travel agent where the flight and the stay at a hotel be agreed together. The company is then subsequently hired by the tour operator to transport a group of tourists to their destinations. Because of this character, the departure points are not the same every year. It is to say that Freebird Airlines flew in the past, from several airports in the Netherlands and Belgium. There often use is made of the smaller airports in order to keep the costs low. For example, in 2010 in the high season flown regularly from Antwerp Airport.

The fleet

Freebird Airlines flies to the following devices:
  • 5 Airbus A320-200
  • Two Airbus A321-200
In early 2011, the average age of the aircraft fourteen years.

The destinations

Freebird Airlines flies to the following destinations within Turkey:
  • Antalya - Antalya Airport
  • Bodrum - Milas-Bodrum Airport
  • Dalaman - Dalaman Airport
  • Istanbul - Atatürk Airport
  • Istanbul - Sabiha Gokcen Airport
  • Izmir - Adnan Menderes Airport