Cheap parking in big cities

It is difficult to park in the center of large cities in an affordable way, because on the one hand, there is often only a limited supply of parking and also the parking rates are often very high. What this means for visitors in particular the center of big cities, you can read here. You can also find here useful information and tips on cheap parking in big cities.

The function of the municipality regarding parking and parking fees

Every municipality has wide powers to take action themselves on regulating the parking and determine the cost of parking. The big cities have to tackle the parking problems so their own measures put in place, but nevertheless remain in each city at certain times and in certain locations exist bottlenecks. Otherwise the parking and parking rates do differ by city, for example, the parking is in the center of Amsterdam much greater than in The Hague, where the rates in the inner city of Amsterdam also generally at least another two times higher than in The Hague.

Measures of cities to reduce the parking problems

In virtually all cities, paid parking has been introduced in specific areas such as downtown and often the neighborhoods around it. The level of tariffs for paid parking, also contributes to reducing parking pressure in certain areas. In those areas where the supply and demand for a parking space or approximately equal to each other, have often failed to pay for parking, but the car can be parked free of charge. In the center of Amsterdam is the highest hourly rate for paid parking for over 5 euros, which for many people is a reason to park somewhere else. This causes the parking problems in the sense of supply and demand for parking spaces in the center so less. One that despite the high costs still want to park in the center, so you will find a convenient parking space. A disadvantage of this method, which occurs in the course of time, is that there is a shift from the parking pressure. The parking is relocated becoming a zone to areas where it is easier and / or cheaper to park. This then follows the reaction of the community to also paid parking zones in which to enter. This type of measure is seen by many as negative, because parking fees are increased. Municipalities also, however, take measures that are seen as positive, in the form of alternative cheap parking.

To the center of a big city and yet inexpensive parking

An example of such a positive measure to travel offering the opportunity to park cheaply in the periphery of the city and then free or cheap public transportation or a shuttle to the center. Many major cities offer various options to motorists to park the car for a few euros per day ?? s outside the center, to travel free or at reduced fares on public transportation or a shuttle bus to downtown from that parking lot. These parking facilities are mostly marked by the sign P + R, which stands for parking and travel. This option is especially interesting for visitors from out of town who want a full day at the center, like to go shopping for a day in the center.

Information about cheap and free parking in big cities

There are handy websites for all major cities or for a certain large city indicate the possibilities for parking. If there is free car parking on site, this is also indicated. For example, a search prior to visiting a particular city to be free and cheap parking. You can also find information about the P + R facilities, such as the price of parking, the cost of transportation to the center and the conditions. Some useful websites are those of the AA and that of parking inde city.