Cheaper motoring

Driving is very popular and many people have a car, many families even have two cars. One has the car for home / to work or just for pleasure. There are also many people who see cars as a hobby. But driving is still a costly affair and it is becoming more expensive. Often more money is spent on motoring than is strictly necessary. There are several ways to save money and often costs nothing. There are different issues and tips to make driving cheaper, sometimes it might not stopped to think that there are certain things that are easy to apply and provide a substantial savings in spending on our car. So you can calculate in advance what kind of fuel per km is the cheapest, with a number of driven kilometers per year. This does require some knowledge about road tax per year and what the price per liter of the corresponding fuel. Thus it can be seen that it is appealing to you for a different kind of fuel to drive.

Think about the pressure

Tires with proper voltage have a proven lower rolling resistance than tires that are too soft. Also ensures a correct tire pressure for even wear of the tire so that the tire life is extended. Therefore, the tire pressure should be checked regularly and if necessary inflate the tire. This can be done simultaneously with refueling. Often it's free and it's happened. A quick and cheap way to save money on fuel and on your tires. The correct pressure for your tire, you can often find on a list at the air pump of the petrol station, a car brand and type, or else in your booklet of the manual for your car.

Adjust driving

Modern times, time for the new drive. This is an often used slogan by the government in commercials on TV. But it is the nail on the head beaten with this expression, much of the consumption of your car depending on your riding style. With early switch and no fast acceleration and not to drive too hard, you can achieve some benefit almost incomparable with anything else. A quiet and calm driving style may yield savings of 20 to 30 per cent in the consumption of fuel. Now that's worth it and it does not cost you anything, so careful with the throttle.

Buy a ramp model

Want to buy a new car but do not want to spend too much pay attention to models that assume, they are often a lot of accessories and extras offered at much lower prices than the new model. This can result in savings of several thousand euros on the purchase price. A lower purchase price is again cheaper the insurance. There are always new models on the market so you can always find something to your sentence will be.

Take advantage of the cocurrerende insurance

The mutual s time between the different insurance companies provide many offers with very low premiums. There are several sites on the Internet that after the data of the vehicle and your personal information you filled out to compare all the prices charged by different insurance companies. Why are there so you would not use it, it pays to compare prices each year from various insurance companies. You can easily switch provided that you comply with the notice of your current car insurance.

Choose the right kind of fuel

There are various types of fuel to drive, so you can run on petrol or lets you install in a car with a gasoline engine LPG. Also, there is the choice to purchase a diesel car. You can calculate in advance what kind of fuel is cheapest for you. This requires some knowledge about the number of driven kilometers per year road tax per year and what the price per liter of the corresponding fuel. Thus it can be seen that it is appealing to you to go in a different kind of fuel or not. A diesel car is often more expensive to purchase than a gasoline car, this should also be taken into account when calculating the cost per km.
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