Cheaper ticket by train through Belgium

veetuli 06-01-2018 Auto
Want to save the best for the price of your ticket, then it is recommended to travel through Belgium. Not by plane but by train. Because you can save considerably if you can prove that you come from Belgium. This can be proved by showing a stamped ticket from Antwerp. It is not possible to take a train ticket from someone who has made that journey.

Cheaper travel through Belgium, how does this work?

With tickets starting point Belgium are generally cheaper than plane tickets where you depart from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The reason is that KLM Belgian travelers to persuade choosing KLM rather than a Belgian company to increase their market share. When the ticket is a return ticket Schiphol included. In some cases, the difference comes down to a few hundred euros. Smart bookers also choose to purchase their ticket with a departure in Belgium.
KLM is not happy with this practice and try to counteract this. They can refuse you as a passenger because you have not used the first part of your ticket. Therefore, you must prove that you have traveled the route between the Netherlands and Belgium. This is done by showing a ticket stamped at the check. Your journey indeed from Belgium to Amsterdam, but you do it by car, you can consult these documents and can not be denied for that reason on the run.
Using this construction it is supposed to exchange your ticket in Brussels or Antwerp for a train ticket. This may be at an NMBS / SNCB desk. Then when you arrive in Amsterdam then return you that your train ticket for a boarding pass that will give you the second part of your journey.

Refused at Schiphol?

Do you use a ticket with a train journey from Belgium is included but you will be refused on the flight because you can not prove that you have actually made the trip from Belgium? Unfortunately you have in this case no leg to stand on. KLM has included in the terms and conditions that the validity of your ticket or coupon expires when the train leaves or can not prove that you made the trip.
It is not possible to take a train ticket, a passenger who was already making the trip from Belgium to Schiphol because you at the NMBS / SNCB desk in Belgium you must show personal ticket.

Is it worthwhile?

The whole roundabout journey make it to Belgium to buy a cheaper ticket, is it worth it? This is easy to determine for each individual. First, it is of course important to calculate how much you will save by 'traveling through Belgium. Do this during the World Deal Weeks, then it can be quite a bit of care. A flight from New York for example, takes a minimum of Netherlands ?? 527 euro. Whoever travels through Belgium, however, buying the same ticket starting ?? 369 euro. For a round trip Rio de Janeiro from Schiphol pay you normally ?? 700 euro, but from Belgium but ?? 455 euro. Predestination Lima true difference ?? 200.
For those in North Brabant, Zeeland and Limburg lives and do not necessarily want to travel by car to the airport, the choice is not difficult. Do you live in the north of the Netherlands or near Schiphol then it's a different story. You then have the cost of the one-way Antwerp or Brussels, adding to the journey time you spend and decide whether you will find it worth the benefit. The risk of delays by train you should also take into your consideration. Additionally meewegen you also that you are parking costs at Schiphol saves for the train ride through Belgium.