Checks route in Belgium and the Netherlands

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Soon slow down anytime you hurtling down the motorway and approaching a camera to accelerate afterwards? It is becoming history. The Belgian and Dutch roads the police are indeed increasingly using zone. How this works? Does this system really impact on road safety? And where there are already speed checks in Belgium and the Netherlands?

What is section control?

Section control is a system in which a camera records your vehicle and a few kilometers away, a second camera filming your car again. By the time you compare the two points drive past the police know what speed you're driving on average between the two places and if you have respected the speed limit. That is not the case, you get a penalty in the bus.

Does this kind of speed?

It applies the principle in Flanders since 2013, on the E40 between Erpe-Mere and Wetteren. The results are quite spectacular. Since the introduction of section fell on this stretch of highway not one death and decreased the number of accidents by as much as forty-three percent. However this in the past was a black zone with an above average number of traffic accidents.
Even if there were an average speed while no longer conducted shows that drivers also keep better then the speed limit. They have become accustomed to slower driving and continue to do so because the police can turn back the control at any time.
In addition to an improvement in road safety section control has also benefits for drivers. Is punished, you are no longer for a brief moment of inattention in which you are going to talk about the speed limit. The average speed for several kilometers decisive. Therefore there is a great public support for section. Many people find this a fairer system than the traditional speed controls in one place.
Of course there are fierce opponents of route. So attracted early April 2015 the president of the Dutch organization Privacy First Bass Filippini in a lawsuit against the Dutch government. He argues that the camera filming ?? s all vehicles and not just the cars speeding. This would be a breach of privacy legislation.

Where there are speed checks in Belgium?

E40 Wetteren-Erpe-Mere in both directions E17 from Gentbrugge in both directions
Currently there are in Belgium for regular checks on those two sections. If you drive it too fast you run a significant risk of a fine.
New speed checks from 2016: E40-Heverlee Sint-Stevens-Woluwe and E313 Antwerp East Ranst
Flemish Minister for Mobility ben weyts has decided to expand in 2016 and section control also apply it to two additional routes. It's the E40 between Heverlee and Sint-Stevens-Woluwe and the E313 Antwerp between East and Ranst. Studies had shown that the number of fatalities in these places was higher than average. Section control via one will therefore try to remedy this.
Brussels, Leopold II tunnel, timing still undetermined
Also in the Brussels Leopold II tunnel would get an average speed over time where one defines the times when your inputs and exit the tunnel. It is not yet clear on when this will come into force. However, the Brussels government wants to get rid of the bad reputation of the tunnel. Accidents happen regularly, and especially in the evening and ?? ?? night lapping drivers the speed limit constantly on their boot. It will also reduce the speed limit in the tunnel from seventy to fifty kilometers per hour.
Pathway Controls in Wallonia
In Wallonia, there are few process controls. They fit it all on to the E25 from Liege in both directions in the tunnel The Cointe where the cameras are operating regularly.
Regional roads
There are also performed on some regional roads all regular speed checks. Specifically it concerns:

Where there are speed checks in the Netherlands?

At various projects in the Netherlands have to watch all blown and there are regular checks:
The zone is not always everywhere. Sometimes the system is turned off for a while for service. Above places, however, have regular check. If you do not keep to the speed limit the risk of detection is high. Moreover, the Dutch police also used as a regular mobile section. Also on roads other than the above so you can get caught. Always respect the speed limit and the message everywhere.

And what does the future hold?

Section control seems to be going to the system of the future. The police will also increasingly use mobile control systems. In the Netherlands, the police already use a mobile system, especially in the province of Flevoland. In Flanders you going to use this in the future. Many other European countries such as Norway and Germany already use here and there zone. The trend seems clear deployed.
Mobile section allows random trajectories on all highways to check or even regional roads and the system daily use somewhere else. When you systematically go over the speed limit you walk that way everywhere the risk of a hefty fine. Existing speed cameras will probably be still a while to see on the streets, but perhaps you replace them more often in the future through process controls. An alert reader is forearmed!