Chiptuning OBD tuning, or not good?

Chiptuning, a term often is seen as something that only use auto enthusiasts. Still, you can save considerable costs. Chiptuning OBD tuning actually mean simply refine your engine. Of course you also have people who are only at the performance. However, everybody seems to benefit.

What is the difference between chip tuning and OBD tuning anyway?

The difference between the chip and OBD tuning is fairly easy to distinguish. Chiptuning comes to pass with a soldering iron and a chip that is programmed. OBD tuning, you refine the performance through a computer and a fault diagnostic connector. OBD tuning is much simpler for the chip tuner.

Extend chip OBD tuning the life of your engine or not?

This is it, you can let him extreme tuning, you can also leave your car eco tuning. OBD tuning means On Board Diagnostics. With Eco tuning you increase the performance of your car barely, but your car is going in terms of economy considerably improves! Moreover, the lifetime of your motor is determined by yourself.
If you want to let you tune your car to look for a few things. Void the warranty of your car? Usually, the guarantee is taken over by the tuner chip. Be careful where you leave your car chip tuning. You also need to look what the prices are per company, and how much profit they can derive power from your car. If a company is very different from all other companies, then you already know it's not true.
Once your car is tuned it, there are a few things to look out for. Allow the engine to catch your temperature row and the first hundred kilometers quiet. You must do this because the engine has a five hundred kilometer-long cycle, and the values ​​are repeatedly measured again. Once the car the five hundred kilometers behind the car must always 'resting' as you reach the end of the ride. Quiet ride so. This need to do especially if you have a turbo. This is also the best for your engine when your car is not tuned.

What chiptuning exactly is handy except the fun?

Tuning is very useful if your income still want to save some costs. In this case you need to choose Eco Tuning. There are plenty to find companies that do this, if not, they are not worthy to appoint tuner.
Chiptuning / OBD tuning is very useful for vans. I myself have namely a VW Caddy 09 '55kW TDI. The performance of this car attacked me very disappointing, especially with freight back. I chose OBD tuning, but I let him quite spicy tune, but it is everyone's wish, of course. 75hp of the caddy are now on the + - 135pk.
Also, chip tuning / OBD tuning useful for people with caravans. A caravan is pretty taxing on your car. More torque and you find your car much have to do less effort to get on that mountain with caravan. This can also trailers with boats, horses etc. Moreover, less strain on your engine just good!

Why cars are not tuned at the factory will make you think?

Cars are factory fairly minimalist tuned. This is done because the climate differs per continent, and the air density, humidity etc, can vary greatly. Namely engines also need oxygen. It is too expensive to set up another tuning program for each country.
Also the quality of petrol and diesel will play a major role. For example, the quality of petrol and diesel in poor countries is much worse than in Western countries.

Chiptuning / OBD tuning, or not good?

This is of course your own opinion. If you have your motor tons of mileage want to run, I would not choose performance chip tuning. If you just want to save the cost of petrol or diesel Eco tuning is definitely recommended! Indeed, it is a one time investment. Your engine does not wear it harder and in one year you have the money there may already be out! Suppose you want to keep your car for three years, on day one did you let him tune Eco, then you might be 700-800 euro savings over three years!
Also, there are alternative ways to tune your car. As power box and leave the engine internal tuning. It simply is a matter of how much air and fuel can suck the car once, burn, and then emit again in the shortest possible time. Think for example of larger inlet / outlet ports, larger pistons, larger displacement, an open exhaust, open air filter, a turbo, a charger, you name it!
In short, leave your car chip tuning or OBD tuning? Do it!
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That's right, you should take good care where you leave your car chip tuning. Usually the chip tuner for free warranty on the motor and software. This is not the case if you leave your car extreme chip tuning.


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