Choosing a driving school 10 issues

Choosing a good driving school is very important when you want to start your license. Lessons are expensive and the quality and approach of the different driving schools can vary considerably. On the Internet to find so little information and you'll mostly have to figure out on your own where you can take the best lessons. Below are 10 points where you can look for when choosing a driving school.

1. A driving school choice based on tuition fees

The price of driving lessons is around 40 euros per hour. It may be worthwhile to compare the hourly rates of various driving schools. If you assume that you'll need 35 hours and you pay at one school for 39 euros and the other 41 euros, it still makes for a total amount of 70 euros. Also always carefully at the packages on offer. Here you often pay one price for a number of lessons, including, for example one theory test and practical one. By taking a package you can sometimes get quite a discount, but it varies by school.
Never just go on price. Thereby also remember that the lowest hourly rate does not always fails cheapest. When the lessons are of low quality, you are probably more busy and ultimately more money lost!

2. The size of the school

A first feature, where you can go by is the size of the school. This does not have much to say, but often it does so anyway. Great driving schools are often the most professional, but have the problem that there is an impersonal approach. For small driving schools it is rather the other way around. But you must be careful not to be kept at bay: at schools using one or several instructors will still happen that you they want you to classes more than necessary, to fill up their schedule with them. It seems to be a most ideal driving school that is not too large and not too small, but the final choice of course depends on a combination of factors.

3. Fixed instructor

Before you start lessons at a driving school is a good idea to inquire about the conditions and the way it is quenched. An important question is whether you get a fixed instructor. If you always have the same instructor, they will quickly get the best method for you is to learn driving and should be given to which parts extra attention. A disadvantage is that you too can get used to that one person who in a certain way in the car, make comments, etc. This is very familiar, but that may be just very wrong to prepare for the driving test. Then there's also because someone else beside you in the car. It may therefore be useful to have from time to time taught by a different instructor.

4. A driving school choice based on class schedule

Depending on what you want, it may be important to know when you can quench. Maybe you just got in the evenings or in the weekend time: then inquire well in school what they can do for you.

5. Flexible course times

It is important to think about how many times per week you want lessons and discuss it with the school. Is it possible for example to classes three times a week? Are your lesson times every week the same, or the school can adapt to the hours that you provide to them? All these questions are very important for the one and the other not at all. Think carefully about what you want, before you inquire. The differences between driving schools when it comes to flexibility may be very large.

6. Bovag quality

Take lessons at a driving school with the Bovag quality guarantees expert instructuers, good student driver's reliable lesovereenkomst and a good success rate. There are nearly 1000 Bovag-driving schools throughout the Netherlands.

7. A driving school choice based on the experiences of others

A Bovag quality does not guarantee that you will also feel comfortable with a particular school. Instructors are experts in their field, but to get along very unpleasant people turn out. To get an impression of a school is therefore a good idea to look at the experiences of others. On websites of driving schools are often forums with comments from people. These will tend to be very positive, but they can give a first impression. More reliable are the stories of family and friends who have recently passed their driving license. How did you like their school? What they found good and what is not? And do you think the same things important?

8. Specialisations

Some driving schools specialize in anxiety and fear of driving. If you think you make will be used here, it might be wise to now advance to choose a driving school here services to offer (of course without making directly here already use it. It is very annoying that when it does not want to succeed driving, you have to change too from driving to be helped.

9. Other licenses

If you are planning to get another certification shortly after your normal car driving license - for example, your motorcycle or truck driving license - it may be wise to find out where you can get various licenses a driving school. It can be very nice to stay at the same school.

10. Choosing a school based on graduation rates

At you can find the success rates of almost all the driving schools in the Netherlands. Take advantage of this and compare the driving schools in your area.
Good luck with choosing a driving school and your driving lessons!
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