Choosing Riding School

Just 18 and so on to your license. But first a driving school to choose where you go and get him. What to look for when choosing your school? In this article you will find tips that will help you in choosing a school.

Success rates

Many people base their choice on the success rate of the school. The CBR's website can be found these rates. The success rate indicates whether or not a driving school you good training for your driving test. If you've looked at the site of the CBR then you can see that the very success rates vary from 5-10 to 85-90 percent success rate. These percentages, however, do not only how good the instructor gives lesson. For example, a school with a high percentage of these also want to stick, so they will wait long to apply for a driving test until they are almost sure that you drive perfectly. Disadvantage is that you maybe your license could catch up with fewer classes, you would save money.

Driving lessons

It is entirely up to you how fast you got your license. You can get it in two weeks, but you can also safely make a half years. It is true that you must have had a minimum number of lessons before you can for driving test. A rule used by the CBR as an indication of the required number of driving lessons is the rule: Age + 10 = number of required lessons. Of course do not forget that this is only an indication, there will always be exceptions to the rule. Still a few things that proved to be: As you follow more lessons per week, you learn better than having a riding lesson per week. It is also a lesson and a half or two hours more effective than a lesson of an hour. You namely always need some time to drive and it's a real shame when you're just in the drive if you stop again.


Most driving schools also offer a intakeles to. During the lesson learned with the driving instructor and this gives an indication of the possibilities regarding a package. This lesson is always voluntary, it is not that you are then required to take a package at this school. The cost indication of course remains an indication. If you fail the first time you go on you'll soon it costs 300 euros to re-start, 200 euros for the exam and those extra hundred euros to take classes to maintain your shape.


Finally, some tips that will help you in choosing a school.
  • Are there any theory books available if you need to take care of that yourself?
  • If you have a package computational whether the act worker is cheaper.
  • Find out about the his teaching time, as you drive goes to school and your instructor just from 9 to 5 on weekdays.
  • Take a lesson in small lesauto, this is a lot easier than driving a big car.
  • Driving there people take the backseat? Preferably not as if the instructor would not all have your attention.
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The calculation of the required number of classes is not correct. Call the CBR but to check this. The overall calculation that they will give to is age 20 + + classes for boys and 30 for girls. Students who obtain the license in 28 lessons of 60 minutes are rare. Read for example, The report of the SWOV once again.