Choosing the cheapest car insurance

Choosing a car insurance is not easy. Indeed, there are quite a few different insurance policies on the market. A major three division can be made between the liability insurance, hull insurance and comprehensive insurance. Depending on the age and value of your car you decide which insurance you take. The better you are insured, the more premium you pay. When you've accumulated damage free years you get no-claim discount and pay less premium. When you possess a car, the chances of an accident exists. This need not be anything serious, but also in the case of a minor accident, the financial loss can be quite large. Therefore, the conclusion of a mandatory insurance in the Netherlands. Roughly speaking, you can choose to take out a car insurance in three different types:
  • Liability insurance
  • Plus a liability insurance or a limited hull insurance
  • A comprehensive insurance

It is not easy to choose the cheapest insurance. What insurance you need is dependent on the age and value of your car. On that basis, you'll need to choose from the above three types of car insurance. There you can choose the cheapest car insurance, but even then you should still pay attention to the conditions that are associated with the insurance.

Liability insurance

The minimum liability insurance you are insured. When you have an accident you get out of your own insurance no compensation. When you thereby causes harm to someone else, the insurance covers the damage is. When the other is the cause of the accident, you can often count on compensation, but it will be recovered from the insurance of the other.
When you possess a car it is compulsory to have a liability insurance. Also, make sure at all times that you have them. A week or even a day without it is very risky. An accident might be in a little corner, but when you hit states involved in an accident and personal liability for certain damages, it is possible that you there for years to feel the financial consequences.
When you drive an old car, which is worth little, is a liability insurance is often sufficient.

Casco Insurance

Hull insurance is a liability insurance but does more. When you are involved in an accident and you can not harm the other stories, you get no compensation. This however you get when you are dealing with damage caused by theft, vandalism or weather. When you have a new car, but he certainly still represented a certain economic value is a hull insurance probably the best option. The age of the car that you can keep to a hull insurance is three to eight years. Hull insurance is obviously more expensive than a liability insurance, but a lot cheaper than comprehensive insurance.

Collision Damage Waiver

When you get a new car ownership is wise to insure your car well. You do this through a comprehensive insurance. Even if you are legally responsible, will your insurance company compensation to you out. In addition, the Comprehensive insurance pays out compensation to legal liability towards others and when you have damage from theft, vandalism or weather. Across this high degree of assurance is quite a high premium.

Damage-free years and no-claim discount

The amount of the premium you pay will depend on your claim years. The more years you have driven without damage, the more discount you get on your premium. When you have a lot of damage free years and you have to claim a small compensation, it may be advantageous to not claim this because the damage does not outweigh the difference in premiums.
When choosing a car insurance, it is important to see what advantage the various insurance companies give you for years without claims. Thereby not only go off on promises that sound nice. Sometimes you can get a very high percentage of no-claims discount, but if the original premium amount was very high, you may still pay more than other providers. If you want to make a sharp comparison is therefore important to make calculations for the different products and comparing the premium amounts.

Look at your car insurance not only to price

To save money it is definitely worth to compare different auto insurance together. There are many different providers and there are some interesting price between fighters. However, the insurance premiums in recent years does linger on a very low level, and the focus on price here and there by shot and the quality is going to decline.
If you close an auto insurance is therefore important to not only prices, but also to compare the conditions. You can do that by looking at the websites of the various providers and possibly to request several quotes. If you plan to take out insurance with another provider, check always check various Internet forums what is being said about the service provider in question. Accessibility and friendliness can at present there may not be much to do, but if something is wrong, they can suddenly be very important.