Collision abroad and then?

Many people also take this summer to go abroad by car to celebrate holidays. Unfortunately, a few of us are involved in a collision. How can you damage your simple stories in a foreign counterparty and which insurance is even more important in this kind of damage.

Immediately after the collision

Also for a loss in foreign funds immediately after the injury to the same rules as for a collision in the interior. For more information, please look at the article: What to do with car damage. At least make sure that you complete a European Accident Statement with the opposing party and that you also file a report when in doubt of any kind to the police. Perhaps it is also possible to gather other evidence, for example by taking pictures immediately after noting the accident and the names of witnesses.
When abroad, you can also often by your own car insurance, travel insurance or your membership of the AA to rely on assistance. It is advisable to keep the numbers of these emergency centers in your car so that you at an unexpected accident immediately at hand. The numbers of the alamcentrales of car insurance are typically found at your green card.

Your own car insurance

If you have closed an all risks insurance policy for your vehicle you can simply submit the damage to your own insurance. This will first settle the damage with you and then settle the damage continue with the counterparty.
If you have a legal while your own vehicle is not all risks can also be assured your legal expenses insurer or better insurance agent can assist you with the story of the damage to the counterparty.

If you yourself are not insured against the damage and the party is liable

In this case, the other party's insurer itself liable. You do not need to contact directly with the foreign insurer. Under European legislation every car insurer within the European Union is obliged in all other EU countries to have a representative. You can also submit your claim in Dutch at this representative.

How do I find out the name and address of the claims representative?

You can transmit to the claims representative of charge on the website of the Dutch Bureau of Motor Insurers, on the basis of the nationality of the counterparty and the name of the insurer. If the name of the insurer does not know you can, based on the license plate of the counterparty request information which will be sent to you by mail.

Further treatment by the claims representative

Claims representatives should you, within three months after they have received your claim, motivated answers. He will base that answer on the basis of the rules applicable in the country where you had the accident. They may depart from the rules that apply in the Netherlands.

The role of the Motor Traffic Guarantee in an accident abroad

Most claims will be settled by the claims representative. The Motor Traffic Guarantee can however play a role in the following cases:
  • If the foreign insurer against the rules, has not designated a claims representative
  • If the identity of the foreign injurious vehicle can not be determined
  • If the claims representative within three months of a reasoned reply given can be joined at the Motor Traffic Guarantee which then the claim will take further.
  • If the insurer of the vehicle causing injury can not be traced within two months.

In which countries is this arrangement?

Among the EU countries include Belgium, Bulagarije, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and Sweden. These rules also apply to Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.
If you have an accident in another country was then called, it may be wise still above with Dutch Bureau of Motor Insurers. They can check if there might be exceptions which the regulation applies anyway or that a different arrangement applies. They can in the latter case also indicate with whom you have to join in order to recover damages yet.
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