Collision, the counterparty liable

If you are involved in an accident or if your vehicle is parked standing hit by a counterparty please report the damage to your car or your legal expenses. However, you do not have an insurance policy that can help you will have to ask the party liable. How does it work?

The accident report?

It is customary to fill out an accident report after a crash. However, should the counterparty not want or can not be sure at least that you write down the license plate number of the counterparty and, if possible, names and addresses of witnesses. Such matters are of great importance and may ultimately cause you damage your stories. More information can be found in the article What to do with car damage?
If an accident report filled out will be the counterpart of the insurer, after it has received the form, contact you and arrange further injury. Unfortunately does not send any counterparty claim form immediately or you do not receive a confirmation in which case you can take action.

Adjust extent of the damage and expertise

For most of the damage will be an expert required may be determined by the extent of the damage. Whether this is your damage also will be the case depends on the amount of damage. It is therefore only sensible to pass a repairer of your choice and ask for an indication of the damages. A comprehensive report of the repair technician is not required.
With this information, you can contact the other party's insurer. The name of the insurer is usually indicated on the motorist. If this is not the case, you will first have to file a report with the police failure to stop after an accident. You can then, if the police can not move the other party the damage still to submit to the insurer, using a copy of the declaration, the details of the insurer of the vehicle registration obtained from the Department of Road Transport.
You can phone or written contact with the other party's insurer. Holding down the accident report at hand, the information provided on this stand are listed asked you. On the basis of the information given by you will determine the party's insurer or an expert should be called in. If this is the case, I recommend you this to make an appointment with a technician, it can argue for you with the expert to determine the appropriate damages.
Asks you at the end of the conversation with the other party's insurer, or the damage a number of the damage is known. You can include this number later in your liability whereby the processing of your mail faster.

Liable, a sample letter

You can be held liable to the other party in different ways. Often an insurer of a counterparty will be helpful by sending a form. This does but in this case you can do this yourself by letter, fax or mail.
You do not need in this notice in the principle at all not to use legal language. A brief message that there has been a loss in which damage to your vehicle caused by the vehicle of the counterparty is generally enough. It is important that you include the completed and signed claim form. The insurer is expected to take following your message further process the damage and if necessary further questions to you. However, make sure that you always keep a copy of the documents that you submit withholding. Unfortunately, mail delivery and / or mail handling does not always go smoothly.
Name of insurer
Mailing address
Postcode / City
your name
Your address
Postcode / City
Place and date
Subject: Collision dated
Your insured
License Plate
Dear Sir / Madam,
Enclosed please find a copy of a aanrijdingsformuilier regarding the above injury.
Given the contents of this form, I believe that your insurance is fully liable for that damage.
I therefore ask you kindly take this into consideration further damage and keep me informed of the further progress of the damage.
Your name and signature

A rejection?

An insurer is obliged, if he does not want to proceed to compensation for the damage, you send a reasoned rejection. If you only receive a sumiere letter, which does not indicate why it does not proceed exactly to pay and what kind of opportunities you have to refute the view of the insurer, then ask for here. If there should arise a substantive discussion on the rules applicable to the damage than you can of course collect your personal information but you also have the option to display the work off your hands. Agencies claim settlement costs they incur for the story of the damage may also recover a liable party!

The work relinquish

As stated in the introduction to this article already indicated you can always use your all risks insurance or your legal expenses to recover damages from the other party. If you do not have such insurance, you may be able to appeal to your insurance broker. Many brokers have department injuring treated and they are happy to serve you.
If you do not want help can get to the stories of the damage and it does not or can do or if you do not come out with the counterparty has the possibility to seek the help of a special claims office.

Accident and injury to passengers

In case of injury to the occupants of your vehicle, it is advisable to give your claim directly from the hands. The consequences of the injury in the longer term are often incalculable and there are many factors that are relevant to the claims of such damages. Your legal expenses insurer or an agency to assist in the settlement of personal injury specializing can the right way so that you will get what you are entitled.
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Dear All, I am over the weekend hit. I stopped for a traffic circle and the other motorist saw too late, leaving him behind me has aangereden.We have properly filled out the damage form and further it is also clear that he was guilty. Until now, no weird dingen.Echter when I got home and the insurance company to inform them of this incident. I was told that I'm no longer assured for months because they have not received the premium. The car belongs to my son and he's premiums actually not betaald.Mijn question is can I still like this damage form send it to the insurance company's counterparty and establish their liability for damages, despite the car which I controlled myself not is insured? Thanks for your reactieRob