Depreciation of your car after a collision

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If a relatively new car gets hit, the damage can generally be restored. Unfortunately, the repair is not always eliminate all sports of the collision. In that case, your car is worth less than a similar car that was not damaged. There is depreciation you can claim for a liable party.


If your new car gets hit and restored, will continue to visibly repair the tracks for a connoisseur. This connoisseur example, be a car dealer. If you want to exchange your previously damaged car in the course of time then there is a chance that you receive a lower resale value for your car because it got hit. There is depreciation of your vehicle because it got hit. Although many people are sometimes faced with this phenomenon, it is generally known that these impairment charges may be recovered from a liable party.

Height of depreciation for passenger ?? s

Impairment can be easily fixed by an expert. If, however, was not commissioned an expert to do so will not automatically calculate the depreciation. In that case, with the aid of the expert's report, the impairment still be calculated using a formula. A broker or your insurance can be helpful. For the calculation of depreciation, among other things take into account the following factors:
  • Age of the car ?? the older the car the less the value will be after recovery. In practice, depreciation on vehicles for about ?? s up to the age of 3,5 years
  • Mileage ?? The longer a car is in use and how it drove more kilometers, the depreciation will be lower due to a repair after an injury to the car
  • Labor and spraying costs required to repair ?? The more radical the repair all the more likely to value, because there is more chance that after recovery remains hidden damage when performing a major repair, there is a greater chance that there is a reduction in the reliability of the car. How radical is a repair can be read to include the labor and spraying costs of repair
  • The consumer price ?? The more expensive the car, the lower the value will be relative.

Depreciation and your own insurance

Your own car insurance covers damage to your own vehicle if you are completely hull insurance in accordance with the policy terms is the value of your car does not qualify for compensation. However, your insurance company, if another person is liable for the occurrence of the damage to your car, recover the damages that third party. Usually this is also the damage that you as a person suffering advanced. You can also ask your insurer then the personal injury you have to take the form of depreciation in the story to the counterparty. If you have a full legal or only a legal assistance on your car insurance, you can ask the legal expenses insurer to assist you with the story of your personal damage.
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I have a corsa of less than two years old and bought new. While I was visiting someone, a person driving in my car due 1200 worth of damage. The car is not fitted with new parts or painted neatly repaired wn. I asked for depreciation us but that is not the case. Reason; the limit for loss is 2% and they came to me out at 1.37% so unfortunately. I am insured with real but have a strong suspicion that it is not fair. I trade my car for a year and then every dealer can still see that my car on the right is completely repainted yet we can also see in the car passport and there are computer systems. This worries me. My car has been damaged totally outside my fault but gives no real home since the formula used in the calculation of depreciation this was the result. My trade premium goes down how do I handle this? Does anyone have experience with perhaps a similar case.