Do it yourself garage

A car is often a major expense. Besides fuel, insurance and tax you probably pay for its maintenance. Every time your car to the garage must therefore it is possible that you face a hefty expense. Would you like to save money by doing odd jobs to your car but you do not have all the right tools, space or knowledge? Do you consider than ever to go to a DIY garage!

What is a do it yourself garage?

A do it yourself garage is a garage where you can go if you want to perform self-maintenance or repairs on a car, motorbike or scooter. There is room to tinker with and there is often plenty of tools available. It is also possible to bring your own tools.

Which tool is available in a do it yourself garage?

A summary of some of the tools that are often present:
  • basic tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers etc.
  • welding equipment
  • air keys
  • press and pull equipment
  • lifts
  • garage jack

Some DIY garages offer additional services such as the leasing of spray booths.

What jobs they often carry yourself?

For these tasks we often go to a DIY garage:
  • oil change and oil filter
  • brake discs and pads replaced
  • exchange links
  • small and major overhaul
  • Fitting springs and shock absorbers
  • Exhaust mounting
  • Replace clutch plates
  • sheet metal panel beating

Are there any parts available in a DIY garage?

Often, standard parts are available, such as lubricants, exhaust gaskets, bearings, fluids, filters, etc. If it is not in stock, it is usually ordered quickly.

Can I get help if I can not solve it yourself?

Many DIY mechanics garages and MOT judges themselves in service to help our customers to tinker or to give advice. You can also agree to finish the job for you. Often a small fee the vehicle remain overnight just stand so you can continue to the next in the job.

What about safety and liability?

It is important that you begin working safely. Do you, for example, the use of a lift no experience than the staff can really works with help. This actually applies to all jobs: you feel unsure of your case, you hesitate to ask for assistance.
Many do it yourself work garages with a deductible ?? ?? declaration. By signing this before you declare yourself liable for tinkering with your car and use of tools.

What is the cost of a do it yourself garage?

The costs vary by garage, but you can for a place often come with just a tenner per hour. It is often calculated per quarter. You pay a fee for the use of a bridge and tools. Sometimes the use of standard tools even free.