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Doeksen is a shipping company which, among other things ensures ferries between Harlingen, Terschelling and Vlieland. Anyone who wants to and from these islands will make travel with the shipping company. Therefore it is wise to at least know something about the company, its fleet and the competition.


Doeksen was founded in 1908 by Gerrit Doeksen and sons as salvage and towing service. In 1923 the shares of NV Terschelling Steamboat Company were acquired. From that year Doeksen transports passengers from the mainland to the islands of Terschelling and Vlieland.

Current situation

Thanks to the increase in tourism in the years of Terschelling and Vlieland, the company has become a professional company with a near monopoly on ferry services between the islands and the mainland. Since 2008, the company celebrates its 100th anniversary, and it may call itself Royal.


The current fleet consists of Doeksen Midsland, Friesland, Koegelwieck, Vlieland, Tiger and the northern Netherlands.
  • The Midsland: Year: 1974. Commissioning: 1993. Max. Passenger: 1200 Max. passenger ?? s: 55. Average speed: 25 km / h. Reserve ship.
  • The Friesland: Year: 1988. Commissioning: 1989. Max. Passengers: 1350. Max. passenger ?? s 120 passenger ?? s. Average speed: 25 km / h. Ferry Harlingen ?? Terschelling and vice versa.
  • The Koegelwieck: Year: 1992. Commissioning: 1992. Max. Passengers: 312. Average speed: 58 km / h. Reserve ship.
  • The Vlieland: Year built: 2004. Commissioning: 2005. Max. Passenger: 1200 Max. passenger ?? s: 57.
  • The Tiger: Year built: 2002. Commissioning: 2008. Max. Passengers: 415. Sneldienst Harlingen ?? Terschelling, Terschelling ?? Vlieland, Harlingen ?? Vlieland and vice versa.
  • The Northern Netherlands: Year: 2002. Commissioning: 2002. Max. Passengers: 12. Max. cargo weight: 250 tons. Freight.

Replacement Midsland
The Midsland will soon be replaced by a new vessel, which then in turn will replace the Friesland. De Friesland will from that moment be used as a reserve ship.


The company Rederij Wadden Transport competes on freight transport between the islands. Doeksen also has competition in passenger transport. Since 2008, the company Shipping Company Private Ferry Terschelling active in transporting people to and from Terschelling. This is made possible by the Public Service Contract allows competition in passenger transport. The ODC was signed in 2007 by the municipality of Terschelling.
Soon seems an end to this. A new Concessions Act will ensure that Doeksen for 15 years gets the exclusive right to carry passengers to and from the islands.