Driving license lost by alcohol

Annually held an average of 30 000 motorists, where then the license will be recovered because they have drunk too much. Furthermore unfortunately fall each year 200 fatalities caused by alcohol. What's really all you have to wait when you lose your license? And how does this all work? In how many parts per thousand are you driving license actually lost? And if you are eligible for an EMA course?

Driving license lost by alcohol

When the police hold regular alcohol checks, or based on driving suspect that a driver has a sip too much and it appears that it could be several things happen. Anyhow should of course be performed a breath test first, if it appears that there is alcohol in the game, you will be arrested. The police will then take you to the office, where a test will occur. When you blow more than 570 ugl, the license can be recovered immediately. The police are legally compelled. This is not to argue, as the police are otherwise found itself punishable.

Recovered, and then?

After collecting the license will be sent to the prosecutor. This is always the prosecutor in the region where you live. This decision within 10 days, what will happen to the license. After no more than six months after the date of recovery brought the matter to court. Here you receive a subpoena.
The judge can decide whether you will get back the license, or the license can be recovered again. The recovery will be in this case for a maximum of nine months. Often in combination with a hefty fine.

EMA course

It is also possible that the officer decides that you use to go up the EMA course. This stands for Educational Measure Alcohol and traffic. This occurs when there are more than 1.3 per mille of alcohol has been detected. When beginning drivers, this number is, moreover, by 0.8 per mille. This is a three day course that explains what alcohol does to the body, how long it takes before it is degraded by the body, and the dangers of alcohol in combination with traffic. This course has been created to ensure that a person does not make a mistake again. Responding to cooperate in this course is compulsory. When refuses the license will be invalidated. Even if you do not show up the license will be invalidated.
The EMA course lasts a total of three days, spread over seven weeks. These days are at all times on weekdays, and will take a full day. This is done this way so that you are doing longer time with the course information. Thus, the information is likely to remain better. Whether this will actually improve for the candidate makes is and remains the question ??
The cost of the course EMA amounts ?? 732.00, this amount should be taken at your own risk. The course is taught by experienced teachers who work in addiction. They know well how to deal with such situations.
When you after following the EMA course again the mistake of going in, or is again held with too much alcohol, it is proceeded in a harder way. Then an investigation is hereby established. The cost of this study amounts ?? 942.00 and are once again on their own account.
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I'm on March 8, 2011 on alcohol inspected and found to be positive. 2.13%. My license was recovered. Have complaint filed and license regained, because considering my complaint can not simply be said that repetition occurs. I later at the hearing are still being sentenced to an unconditional ban?