Driving with less cost: Inexpensive drive

urpo20 22-01-2018 Auto
Car driving is expensive. By the way of driving and the way you interact with your car, you can influence the cost. First, you can save by cheap fuel. Fuel is often the most expensive cost, but selecting the right pump stations you can buy your petrol or diesel cheaper. There are several ways to ensure that you do not have to pay parking fees. Finally, you can driving to make sure that you spend less money on fuel. Car driving is an expensive pastime. Without it, you use your car you every year a few hundred euros spent on insurance and road tax. When you do with riding, the counter really walk. Gasoline and diesel are usually the largest cost, but in addition also have to deal with maintenance and repairs. Especially with rising fuel prices may be worth it to take the use of the car under the microscope and seeing if it can be cheaper.

Cheap fuel

Fuel prices are largely determined by the development of oil prices and the excise duty imposed by the government on fuel. Gasoline and diesel are inherently expensive. But there are certainly differences between the various stations. Cheap gas not do in any case the highway. There, keep pumping usually the recommended retail price for gasoline and diesel to. It pays to go off the highway to refuel somewhere else. If that's a place where you are not familiar, is perhaps just searching. But if you find a pump 12 cents per liter cheaper than gas stations on the highway, supplies that - depending on the contents of the tank - easily 5 to 10 euros.
In your own neighborhood, it is wise to look for the cheapest gas station. In most regions should be possible to find a provider with Euro95 euro98 or 11 or 12 cents is below the recommended; sometimes, the difference is even greater. Not only looking for the cheapest petrol station near your house, but also look where you can fill up cheaply on the way to work. Cheap refueling requires some planning and it's much easier when you know the right places at different addresses.

Pay no parking

Car driving often entails more costs than you may realize. Thus, the amount of money you spent annually on parking add up. In many cases it is possible to avoid the payment of parking fees or limit. In many places it is possible to find a free parking space, without being thereby more than a kilometer need to buy extra. A walk might take some time, but is also a good time to take a rest; you're outdoors and you'll take some exercise them.
In the big cities, it is often impossible to find a free parking space near where you should be. However, the parking fees are there often so high that it would certainly go is worth looking for an alternative. When you bring a bike in your car, you thereby increase your mobility considerably. A distance of five kilometers is suddenly overcome within fifteen minutes, without the element need a car. If you find it not to come to the place of destination by public transport, it is perhaps worthwhile to combine the car with a last piece of public transport. In more and more cities have you on the edge of the city a transfer point or more. There you can often free parking; if there is a parking fee is charged, this is much cheaper than parking in the city. From a transfer point you generally quite fast in the center of the city: through a bus, tram or subway.

Economical driving: adjust your driving style

How economical a car is has a lot to do with things like the engine and the weight of the car: things you actually can only change when you purchase a car. However, the fuel consumption is also largely determined by the driver of the car. By adjusting your driving style you can save gasoline, diesel or LPG. A number of points:
  • Gently pull up and make sure no contest to drive away as soon as possible at a traffic light.
  • Switch off as soon as possible to a higher gear. When you drive 50 kilometers per hour, do it in the fourth or even fifth gear. If you want to further accelerate, it is important to make this not too high a gear. Then you better so again as downshifting.
  • Provide adequate tire pressure.
  • Try to be as far as possible in advance to estimate where and when you need to reduce speed or stop. Then try to let the car roll; many brakes often means a lot of wasted fuel.
  • If you have an older car are a number of different and additional issues. Read about it in Less Fuel: The new driving an old car.

Driving should be fun

Car driving is a pleasure for many people. At the same time it is quite expensive and may congestion and other road users generate considerable frustration. Therefore, never forget that drive should be fun; that you are not irritated, raised behind the wheel. This not only provides more accidents, but also your mental and physical health deteriorated: things that turn a lot of time, money and luck costs. Try to enjoy the drive and try above all to enjoy saving on the use of your car.