Economical and eco-driving

If you're driving, it is of course important that you do this safely. But in addition to driving safely and properly, you can also save through your driving fuel and money. And it is good for the environment too, because you use less fuel! In this article some tips to easily nice to save some money. By paying attention to your driving style, you can thus the amount of exhaust gases and affect the economy, but also the sound you produce. By following these tips to follow will you save money, the environment, pollute less and cause less nuisance.

Not always obvious drive the maximum speed

The higher increase in the speed, the faster fuel consumption, noise and exhaust fumes. This is not in proportion to the increased speed. By driving only 75% of the maximum speed instead of 100%, you will save up to half your fuel consumption. The time savings you get by driving faster is negligible by comparison.

Drive as fluent and forward-thinking as you can

Always slow down when you come down to places you may have to stop anyway. This way you can decelerating when to stop, to let the gas go. This saves a lot of fuel. For bends, always take time to slow down, so you do not have to brake. When you open the throttle again, do this as smoothly and quietly as possible. Use the accelerator certainly not out of boredom if you stand still!

Turn your engine off if you spend more than a minute stationary

If you go to an open bridge, crossing or something similar where you probably have to wait longer than a minute, turn off the engine.

Do not drive unnecessarily high revolutions

Always try to turn at the right moment to the next gear, do not linger too long in a lower gear at high speed. Many people underestimate the difference that it makes. To illustrate, the fuel consumption is in second gear, more than two times as large as in the fifth gear. In general, the switch once you reach 2000 rpm is a good and economical way of driving.

Do not accelerate at full throttle

Quiet acceleration provides three advantages. Firstly, it is more economical, you use significantly less fuel than if you accelerate at full throttle. Second, it saves wear and tear on engine parts, and thirdly it saves significantly in noise.