Economical fly - Tips and tricks

If you get in an airplane and you ask what everyone has paid for his plane ticket, almost everyone will mention another amount. There are a lot of reasons for this. For example: Where have you booked? How much advance notice do you booked? Did you book with a travel agent? And much more. So there are a lot of things that affect the price. So how do you now find cheap airline tickets in an easy way?

What is the destination

Where you fly can greatly affect the price to. Sometimes it can be much cheaper to fly to a neighboring country and then catch the train. So are tickets to Mongolia Ulaanbaatar often very cheap. If you would like to Beijing wish you could fly to Ulaanbaatar and from there catch the Trans Siberian Express to Bejing. So you have not only saved money, but you also made a hugely impressive train journey.
You will discover that the destination is also the way of saving tremendously affected. So are often very cheap sun holidays with last minutes and the unknown distant destinations often cheaper by switching. Observe what works for your journey to find the cheapest ticket programs.

From which airport you fly

It can be very lucrative to look at which airport you leave. For example, European flights the chance that fly from Eindhoven and Rotterdam is much cheaper than Amsterdam Schiphol. For intercontinental flights, departing from Brussels Zaventem Düsseldorf much cheaper. This has to do with taxes and fees to be paid by airlines at certain airports. Sometimes this difference in price can be up to hundreds of euros.

Last minute

Last minute flying is perhaps the best known way to save on the fly. You book these flights just before they leave. Approximately two weeks in advance. These flights are so cheap because the plane has not yet been booked. By offering cheap last minute tickets attempts the airline with the least possible to sit empty seats. Unfortunately, last minute not offered on all routes and flights. Most likely a last minute you have to popular and popular holiday destinations such as Ibiza, Dominican Republic, Barcelona, ​​Rome. and so on. At locations that are less popular keep airlines already takes into account the fact that not all the seats in the airplane will be occupied. Often these tickets are already sold more expensive from the start. An example of such, one section of Madrid, Spain to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Only Air Europa offers on this route a daily flight to the aircraft and is rarely full. Therefore the tickets on this route more expensive than other destinations.

What day and date you fly

Date can also greatly affect the price of a ticket. Fly just before Christmas for example, is very expensive. Sure to America. Fly to the Netherlands just before King's can turn out more expensive. It is therefore often worthwhile to look at alternate months and date programs. The day of flying is also very crucial to the price. Leave on a Friday and Sunday flying back is often the most expensive. Therefore, you can leave the best mid-week and mid back in the week. Those days the airlines sell tickets lot smaller. Many entry site also have the option to look +/- 3 days. So you can find out the cheapest day of departure and return.

Where to book your flight

Travel agencies and airlines often have a big price difference. Sometimes, for example, a travel agency managed to buy tickets very cheap so you are therefore better off with them. Look not on one site but scour the internet and compare airlines with different travel agencies. A good tool for this is the ticket tool Here you can enter one time the departure and return dates and the destinations and then the tool will automatically fill in all the major travel agencies and airlines. So you do not need every time to fill in the data and you can see much faster and easier which is the cheapest option.

Book early or just wait?

Boarding pass KLM This is difficult to say because this varies by route and by society. The best you yourself well in advance to see what is cheaper. Grab example, a date which is ample for your vacation and look for 3 months what the price. You can also scour the Internet for advice from people who already have some experience with that route.


Airmiles are points you can save by flying with airlines. If you have you can buy a ticket with a certain number of points. Some people do with air miles to fly incredibly cheap. This requires some effort and works only if you fly a lot. You will need to look at which company you get the most points. You must sign in to several air miles rewards programs because not every company has the same program. Sometimes you can improve a little detours to save more miles and you'll need to regularly stepping on the plane. As you can see it takes a lot of time and energy. If you only fly once a year it is best to use the miles for a discount on a ticket and not be too concerned with how you earn the most miles.

Travel agent

A travel agent can save you a lot of time and effort. This fact knows all the tricks and ways to get a cheap ticket. In doing so, he or she contacts with the airlines and can also take into account the needs: lots of legroom, extra luggage, and so on. But you'll have to pay a commission but this is often no more than 50 euros. a travel agent, offering a very good service. So you can indicate your wishes and they will see what is possible. You pay only if you have agreed to their offer. Besides searching for your flight tickets will also be kept informed of changes or cancellations through your travel agent. In some cases, the travel agent will even provide a free alternative ticket to a cancellation.