Electric bike: Advantages & Disadvantages

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This article further zoom in on the advantages and disadvantages of the electric bicycle. Also tips are given to buy an electric bike. The electric bike is cheap to maintain and environmentally friendly. The prices are however quite high.

Benefits electric bike

An electric bike offers consumers many advantages.
  • The electric bicycle is an environmentally friendly means of transport. It causes less than two percent of the CO2 emissions of a car.
  • With electric bicycles bike lighter and more comfortable. You make the same movements, but need less power.
  • Cycling is healthy: also the slight movement you make while cycling is good for health.
  • The electric bike is inexpensive to use, maintenance and parking fees compared with gasoline scooters, mopeds and cars.
  • With the electric bike you have no parking problems. There also have no parking to be paid.
  • Files have been avoided if the electric bicycle as an alternative use for the car.
  • Time savings in city driving
  • The energy costs are only ?? 0.16 per kilometer. The fuel costs for cars are many times greater.
  • No road tax has to be paid for the electric bicycle
  • You can fietssen long without charging by starting in a low gear and switch to a higher gear only when you reach a higher speed
  • ?? S battery can be recycled, which is beneficial to the environment.
  • There are more and more charging stations for electric bike, so you can charge on the go

Disadvantages electric bicycle

In deciding whether to buy an electric bike, it's important to get the benefits, but also bring disadvantages properly identified. The electric bicycle has the following disadvantages:
  • The electric power assist bicycle offers. That makes an electric bike less suitable as a means of exercise. The calorie burning is therefore considerably less due to the low effort made by the cyclist.
  • The high price is for many a threshold to proceed with the purchase of an electric bike
  • The image of the electric bicycle is pretty dusty ?? ??, though it is slowly but surely improved
  • Electric bikes are heavy, heavier than regular bicycles. An average of 30 kg.
  • You can take little baggage with an electric bike
  • There is a risk to get caught without power. No problem: the power assistance is lost, but "ordinary" bicycles is possible. At large distances, however, this can be an unpleasant situation. There are relatively few charging stations, although the number is rising.
  • Some bikes are unsuitable for use without power assist. They do not fine bicycles.
  • Not all electric bicycles are equipped believe removable battery

Buy electric bike

The available budget is expected to play an important role in the decision to purchase an electric bike. The preference for a particular brand is closely linked to the price. Unbranded bikes or bicycles produced by well-known bicycle manufacturers can produce thousands of euros ?? s difference. The price difference of the electric bikes can be explained by differences in material, country of origin and the technique used. This involves technical aspects: the type of battery, front-wheel or rear-wheel drive and the type of brake.
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Excuse me: but almost 3000 euros for a little good bike? . We are truly passed all together.


"The energy costs are only ?? 0.16 per kilometer. The fuel costs for cars are many times greater" .I have just made a quick calculation for my car. If I really wild ride, which consumes one liter per 14 km. And then you can if desired also still sit five people. This is roughly ?? 0.10 per km.Laat an error in an article are not too long. If it's been a mistake.


I ride five days / week, each day 30 km - since I got my electric bike - purchased last fall - I traveled there for more than 4000 km on. A delicious alternative to the automobile There are panniers, which hide the battery - which I find especially pleasing due potential bike thieves do not see so fast that it is an electric bike and expensive. In those bags can I take plenty of stuff; rainsuit, daily necessities, and I load up to 20 kg messages at the supermarkt.Wb image: at work, people have more respect for my sportsmanship, than to me 'dusty' find :-) The weight of electric bicycles can be a disadvantage if you have to lift it off / on a staircase. In other cases, it is rather quiet; After all, you have to support the extra weight 'for cycling. I have a fairly lightweight bike with a sporty look. It weighs about 25 kg incl accu.Ik have very deliberately chosen a bike with removable battery, because neither at work nor at my home is a socket in the bike shed. But for those that do, a solid battery may be right handed. You can put it in any case never forget to take along when you go out to go cycling.


Fixed battery a disadvantage? Some bikes have no removable battery need not be a disadvantage. Is often an advantage. Because the battery all the way into the frame runs down the center of gravity much lower and that means a lot more stability. Especially old people and people with an uncertain attitude or instability due to medical reasons, we often recommend these bikes. To the great satisfaction of the customer!


Little luggage on an electric bicycle? Not think so. There may be ordinary panniers on an electric bike! Even child, for carriers, bicycle trailers and other peripheral issues are no problem. I've never heard of this disadvantage!


Fewer calories burned by an electric bicycle? That's right, if you compare the same distance to each other. Only what? People who have been a year or so behind the Geraniums come outside again. People close to the bike could / wanted to come, bicycles now much greater distances. So in the end, many people are much healthier it. Our experience is that people are a lot more bikes if they have an electric bike.


Cost of the electric bike do not seem to beat me ... ?? 0.16 per kilometer. Perhaps there ?? 0.016 intended or even ?? 0,0016Een years every day, 40 kilometer cycle costs to flow quite completed well maybe 100 euros. Then you on ?? 0.0068, or a little more than a half ?? - cents per km.