Electric car is coming

drmtim 08-03-2018 Auto
The electric car may be older than the gasoline car, he is still heavily underrepresented on the highway. There will soon be changed. Fossil fuels are a finite resource. The world is looking for a sustainable alternative. That alternative is spacious for hands. Electric cars can recharge as there are solar panels on the roof. Additionally, there are more and more parking spaces with charging points for electric cars. Electric driving is quieter, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
The electric variant of Mitsubishi


  • Soon, everybody drives electric
  • Those who make electric cars?
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Soon, everybody drives electric

Ahead of the oil shortage which, according to specialists within five to 50 years will occur and the associated explosive rise in oil prices, have affected several governments of European countries, measures to ensure mobility. Governments of Spain, Portugal and Denmark strive to run their electrical citizens. Spain will in 2014 one million cars on the roads. The Portuguese Prime Minister Socrates said that Portugal from 2011 is a laboratory for electric cars. In Denmark, the electric car on sale from 2010 and the Government has expressed the desire to have on the market half a million cars in 2020. In short, it is certain that within 10 years, fully electric cars on Europe's roads.

Those who make electric cars?

The carmakers Peugeot, Renault, Citro├źn, Nissan, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and General Motors are already busy with their car models to build an electric version. From 2009, manufacturers will present their electric cars to the market. In the Netherlands, Essent Power Company is preparing to charge on cars in parking lots at shops and hotels. Soon the old-fashioned service stations will be equipped with fast charging points or plug-ins. The car - as well is- recharged within a few minutes. The price is much lower than a tank full of gasoline throw. Converted, a kilometer electric drive about 2 cents cost, with current prices.
The Lotus Elise, an electrically powered vehicle.


Unlike hybrid cars, which have two different drive technologies is the electric car a fully climate-friendly alternative to gasoline cars. The hybrid car can be seen as a transition to the electric car. Because many people are attached to the gasoline engine can be a good alternative. Moreover, there is the advantage of the high radius of action in a single tank, although this advantage is shrunk now there are everywhere electric charging points. Technologies such as: converting the braking energy into electrical energy, in the new generation expects EVs. With this technology, the car consumes less fuel at all so the range is enl and driving even cheaper wordtt.


Currently installed a network of charging stations at a rapid pace in Europe. This happens despite the fact that the European government not engaged. Therefore, the project will probably be delayed as each country has its own approach. Particularly the standardization of electric charging points will be a major focus. Anno 2015 in Amsterdam you see here and parking spaces with charging points. Gasoline cars may not park there. Because it is always searching for a parking space, it can be an additional advantage for electric cars in Amsterdam, if you have a charging point for the door. Then you will be guaranteed a place to park the car.
Hyundai has released a draft EA.

Charging station for battery

The battery has in recent years greatly improved technically. It is lighter and more energy can be stored. Therefore, the electric car on one battery quickly a decent range of 400 kilometers. Another point is that every car is recharged as quickly and therefore you never have to be without power. Also, you absolutely need never have to make a special fuel stop because you can combine it with a cup of coffee. With a quick charger takes 15 to 30 minutes until the battery is recharged. .