Electric car standard from 2025

According to a German study should only be counted from 2015 with a breakthrough of the electric car. It will even take until 2025 before the eco-friendly car is a standard appearance on our roads. But this would seem nothing like the "Muesli-model" as we know it now.

Breakthrough electric car from 2015

Interest in environmentally friendly electric car ?? s and hybrid-powered cars is increasing by the day. According to German researchers, however, must be counted only from 2015 with a real breakthrough for the electric car. It will even take until 2025 before they will form a standard appearance on our roads.

Interest in electric cars and hybrid increases sharply

If the German motorist lies are not bad considerably more electric cars on the assembly line. A recent survey commissioned by the tire company Continental found that 43% of those surveyed were actually willing to purchase a car that fueled power at the socket. Appropriate favorable tax treatment and the prospect that German inner cities eventually sometimes not normal car ?? s will be accessible, does this willingness increase even to 58%.
Even hybrid cars ?? s stand a lot of attention. Around 27% of Germans have serious plans to buy a car with a combined gasoline / electric. In case of a tax advantage might even two-thirds of respondents consider buying a hybrid!

Waiting for inexpensive production

Before them the environmentally friendly car ?? s have effectively put the last however many years. According to the aforementioned study should be considered only in about 2015 with a breakthrough of the electric car. The automotive industry will pass by then on affordable manufacturing techniques at their disposal for the manufacture of lithium-ion battery ?? s. Only then can begin the massive delivery of electric motors.

Future electric cars has spirit

Unlike many contemporary electric vehicle the car by that time will be much spicier. ?? There will be fast moving vehicles, certainly no Muesli car ?? s! ?? as it is called in the study. Currently, the supply of environmentally friendly cars ?? s still low and in particular electric car ?? s been a niche product for a select group of buyers. And we find mass production of hybrid vehicles currently only in some Japanese producers.

No fiction: from 2025 silenced our roads

In the coming years will offer and market shares remain modest. When worldwide only ?? s hybrid cars and electric cars will roll band, it will probably take until 2025. But also all new passenger ?? s powered by environmentally friendly engines. The car ?? s in our streets will be without sound and "purr like cats' write German researchers. Until then, we are forced to reduce the fuel consumption of our car mainly through an adapted driving style.
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Unfortunately there is no other way, to the time when the oil reserves are running out to find alternatives which make transport possible without fossil energy. I believe that the electric car it is a good alternative. Through more studies in the field of batteries or other forms to save energy, the range will only increase. We should not wait until the time comes that the oil actually is. We need the energy that we have to use to create devices that deliver beautiful and energy not dependent on fossil energie.Anders we face are at once a huge problem I think.


Not everyone is waiting for sound lose electric cars. The hard the car is gone. Enjoying the block which is in the car is gone.


Thanks for your response, but I see it differently.