Electric cars: list of electric cars

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List of electric cars on the market to date. More and more electric cars on the market. Large businesses, provinces and municipalities have begun pilot projects to allow their employees learn to drive an electric car in the town or for short journeys. Some brands are: BMW, Chevrolet, Citroen, Fiat, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Smart, Toyota, Volkswagen. There will be more and more brands come with electric cars.

List of electric cars

Electric cars in Netherlands
Essent is mainly engaged in the promotion of electric cars with the project ZER -X. Along with other companies, Essent will widely introduce electric cars in the Netherlands. Batteries are used that use green energy. With the Mobile Smart Grid is a greater storage of green energy in the batteries as possible; the energy consumption on a day to be better distributed; there needs to be a better method of payment; an intelligent computer determines how much energy for whatever price you want.
types of batteries for electric energy use
  • Zinc air batteries
  • nickel cadmium battery
  • Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
  • lead acid battery
  • Lithium Battery

Recent initiatives in the field of electric cars
  • Land Rover Defender electric
  • Plug-in hybrid Volkswagen
  • Electric Rolls Royce Phantom

cost of electric cars
These are expensive because of the expensive batteries. The government will grant exemption from BPM. The afschrijfkosten are 17 cents per km. Electricity costs 3 cents per km. In terms of maintenance cost is 1 cent per km. The fixed costs are also lower because the car road tax is free.
Benefits electric car:
  • cheaper than gasoline
  • not too expensive to buy
  • no road tax and BPM
  • no CO2 and particulate matter
  • modern design

cons electric car
  • range is less
  • battery charging takes longer than filling
  • too few charging points
  • maximum speed limits

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Maximum speed is limited, please register just above the list where speeds are situated above the speed limit in this country. Is that perhaps a restriction that applied in the past for electric vehicles?