Electric driving with heavy and expensive battery provisionally

An electric car is not for everyone an attractive prospect. The price of this car is to a very large extent determined by the cost of the battery and not everyone has so much money for such novelty in the automotive world. According to insiders, the cost of the batteries will ?? s only about ten years have seriously declined. In addition, the weight of the necessary battery ?? s very high.

Lithium-ion technology

The conventional lead batteries is not suitable for use in the electric car. But a new technique has already presented several years ago. Instead of a lead-acid battery for a variety of purposes is more and more applied to the lithium-ion battery. The new lithium-ion technology can store much more power and the lifespan is longer. That battery dives for several years, in particular in mobile phones. Even in the more expensive electric bikes these batteries are used ?? s and now in the auto industry.

Battery pack very expensive

But lithium-ion batteries for cars ?? s ?? s are very pricey, and many hope that the price will decline in the coming years as many new products is often the case when production increases. Right now costs a battery pack about half of the total price of an electric car. Competitive with conventional car ?? s is therefore not easy.

Price depending on expensive metals

Optimists believe, moreover, that the price already in the next five years by 50 percent will drop by more efficient way of producing. But it is strongly doubted by others because 30 percent of the price is the cost of cobalt, manganese and nickel ?? s been incorporated into the battery. By producing more battery ?? s prices of those metals will not fall and there is even a chance that by more demand for that metal prices will rise. Pessimists talk about at least twenty years it will take for the prices will drop.

Battery pack rent or stream in liquid form

Moreover, it is not entirely clear whether the battery pack will last as long as the car itself. If this is not the case, replacement will, of a than is already fairly old car, with a new packet duration are not real. Perhaps in time a solution is offered by the possibility of renting a battery pack. In any case, an optional battery pack provide a great advantage such as gas stations they can deliver with exchange of the existing package. This also saves charging time even in fast charge still amounts to at least twenty minutes where many drivers were standing at a gas station no time to give. But who knows, may be in the foreseeable future stream in liquid form as an alternative tanked.

Still insufficient range

Another point of the electric car is tentatively many drivers to load too menial in the range without rebooting. Research has shown that most drivers who have basically interested in an electric car, a minimum radius of 200 kilometers wish. In this respect, the technique still need some improvement.

Heavy and plenty of space needed

For batteries in electric cars ?? s ?? s still plays an issue with it. They are very heavy and take up a lot of space. The battery pack needed easily weighs 250 kilos. Compared to a tank, which increases with the number of kilometers traveled is lighter, the weight of a battery remains equal, no matter the mileage. This while precisely attempting to make car ?? s getting lighter.

Hybrid perhaps more attractive

In an electric car, the fuel for a ride out one charge. The next ride is only possible after re-charging. Otherwise this is a hybrid car that both electricity and can run on conventional fuel. While driving on conventional fuel, the battery can be recharged so there are no problems with the distance from the car until must of course be tanked again.

Charging at home or along public roads

Charging the battery can in different ways. This can be via a socket at home or at a public charging station and then takes six to eight hours. Another possibility is to load rapidly at a loading station along the public highway, for example, ten minutes, which can be charged again in order to be able to fifty kilometers away.