Electric vehicle slurps water

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The successor to the petrol consumption income car, the electric car, uses significantly more water per kilometer. Although the car is much more environmentally friendly than its predecessor, consuming petrol that excessive use of water in the future can sometimes cause the same problems as we are now with petroleum encounter.

Cars on water?

Of course, electric car not on water as fuel. In the car is at a phenomenal rate of energy generated. In addition, an enormous amount of heat is released. The water is necessary to make sure that the car does not become overheated, so it serves as a so-called "cooling water".


The triumph which the solution was presented at the impending lack of oil, is now somewhat ingedimt. There is only further research and some testing before the car can be marketed. And that was needed. If electric cars are introduced on a large scale, and take the place of the petrol cars, then we run over a number of years against exactly the same problem, and now with the oil.
The heat released by consuming petrol under the hood is much more minimal. An electric car has 17 times as much water is required in order to cool the temperature to a responsible height than was the case with gasoline. In addition, the generating of the energy cost almost five times as much as the processing of petroleum.

Environmentally friendly

The electric car is more environmentally friendly than its predecessor, at least, he is presented. There is no question of environmental pollution through exhaust fumes unclean. That's true. Other consequences are, however, not been addressed. For example, where all the water needed to be taken away, it now appears that, at a massive introduction of the electric car, 17 times more than we need?
There is an alternative, the heat can also be cooled with water in addition to air. The technique is already used for years in power plants, but is much too expensive to be used in mass scale. This alternative is only an attractive option if the damage is already done: and after the oil runs out even surface.

Alternative cars?

Is our hope for the future than just based on the electric car? In power is also generated energy in other ways, for example through coal, gas, wind, solar or nuclear substances. Naturally, the first and last no options for cars, but an annual Nuon race shows us that a car powered by solar energy is not inconceivable. Moreover, it is in the use of solar and wind energy the use of water is extremely low, since there are no extremely high temperatures arise under the hood.
Unfortunately, the technology is not there yet, let alone the weather in the Netherlands. Let us hope that we can adopt these methods until all other options have been exhausted. It is doubtful whether we have an environmentally friendly world.
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Actually am curious to see the source of this nonsense. A compact motor generates electricity geconstructeerde Albeit some heat edoch pieces less than a combustion engine. In many cases it is sufficient cooling air cooled by the cooled cooling ribs and in the case that the cooling can not be verwezelijkt locally, water may be used as intermediate medium. Neither a combustion motor or a motor will consume electricity water, the water is used only as an intermediate medium, the motor heat to the water afgefft and the water, in turn, through the radiator back to the ambient air. So neither a combustion motor or an electric motor Clear used water! And this is apart from the insane suggestion that an electricity motor would generate more heat than a combustion engine. An electricity moter is firstly much more effective in converting to kinetic energy than a combustion motor, and secondly has an electricity motor koppeleffencientie for the same performance due to its much less power than a combustion engine.


I'm curious what the energy consumption of such a car, and who generate all the energy in a sustainable manner would have to go?


Since when needs an electric water cooling. Heelft a train water cooling? Fans running constantly? Never seen a refrigeration plant with such engines!


To my knowledge, most electric models air-cooled drive is in the wheels and the new generation of batteries no longer warm during charging and use, where that huge amounts of water needed is beyond me.


This is now the most nonsensical criticism I've heard. What can we understand by water consumption. This comes as hydrogen in the air, it might be transformed into another substance by fusion or fission or where is this going. Will it be dumped veruild, if so, what materials are there in that water. Over the water loss itself, I would not worry too much me. The usage factor "17" sounds a bit dramatic, but 17 times almost nothing remains almost nothing, where there is a billion times more water available than fuel and that it could win without side effects worden.met do such criticism one reaches the opposite of what one wants reach. If you want to talk about the residuals in the destruction after use of a hybrid vehicle, or the pollution associated with the production of this system, then we'll go in the right direction, because you have to really look at the overall pollution of production to degradation processing. But water, let's be serious