Enabling the ANWB

The AA stands for General Dutch Cyclists Bond. Meanwhile, the AA is actually called Royal Dutch Touring Club but to avoid confusion, the ANWB has kept the old acronym. The ANWB helps roadside or at your door. In this article you can read more about enabling the ANWB.

When you call the ANWB?

You can call the ANWB if you get the road car trouble, but also at home if you notice that something is wrong with the car. The ANWB can solve minor defects immediately. If something is going on that can not be made straight, and you're standing on the shoulder they will tow your car.

Call the ANWB

The number of the ANWB is 088-2692888. If you call, you get a choice menu. You will be asked whether you are in the Netherlands or abroad. Then you will be asked whether it is a car, motorbike, scooter or bicycle. After this selection menu you will be connected with the ANWB Emergency Centre. If you walk along the state highway, you can also enable ANWB via an emergency phone. To find the two kilometers, there is an emergency phone.

What information do you pass?

To best be able to act, the ANWB need different information from you such as:
  • your ANWB membership
  • your name and address
  • the license plate of the car
  • the make and type of the car
  • what's going on
  • where you stand
Make sure you are well understood by continuing to sit under the call in the car.

What if you are not a member?

You can still call the ANWB. However, you'll have to become a member and it also costs a lot more money than if you are already a member. On the phone, you should therefore immediately know your account number and the cost is amortized within approximately two weeks from your account. If you are near your garage, it is sometimes cheaper to ask if they might want to take a look. A membership costs just 50 euros per year. If you're not a member but bad luck has cost about 3 to 4 times the double, but then you have the rest of the year member.

Waiting for the ANWB

Always make sure your car is safe and that if you can put a warning triangle and serves a safety vest. Pressing the emergency state can expect the best behind the guardrail. The times from the ANWB very different. It looks at what ANWB employee is the closest and fastest can be with you. Sometimes the employee within 20 minutes but it can also be pressed to take just two hours.
Comments (2)

August 2013, my sister had a similar case. As a single woman, she leave the keys in the car. The kids were a little too eager to throw close the valve. Now she sat in South Limburg at the camp and did not know what to do. Eventually they called the ANWB. According to my sister a nice man who came to help her tp. Fortunately they had an older car so the doors were within a few minutes open.Ze had to settle just over 240 euros. Ridiculous amounts of money. That requires more anwb ok but this is less than 5 minutes of work very quickly verdiend.Hier the final words have not yet said.


Today anwb called, were on vacation and while packing the car keys in the coat in the car. That is a problem, no garage could help so anwb calls are not a member and you must become a member. Fine no problem, but it should cost so much? After all data have been transmitted you will be told that there ?? 245 become depreciated. This is still a ridiculously high amount for a piece by a half minutes. We were pleased with the help let that be clear, but this is really incredible