Energy label for cars: 2009 rates!

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A fuel efficient car is good for the environment and for you If you buy an economical car, then you will be rewarded by the government with a discount on the purchase price. Buys you a non-economical car, then you will be punished for this by a surcharge on the purchase price. Sounds logical and fair, but is it really?

What is the energy label for cars ?? s in?

The energy label provides information on fuel economy and CO2 emissions of the car. In addition to the digits indicating this, this is also indicated by means of a label. At this label, the letters A to G are. A stands for economical compared to other cars in its class ?? s, G is inefficient compared to other car ?? s in its class. Based on this label you will qualify for a discount on the purchase price. The amounts per label are as follows:
Reported amounts are per 2009.

Fair or not?

If you buy a more efficient car, we will give you a discount. At least that's the argument. But this is not entirely true. The car ?? s These are divided into classes. And each car is compared with the standard ?? ?? in its class. This can result in strange situations. Look at the following examples:
In other words, a car that consumes almost 2 times as much diesel and two times as much CO2 emissions will be rewarded by the government ?? ?? at a discount to the BPM. Then it seems anything but fair. Yet it is with that ?? dishonesty ?? actually that bad. It is of course a legitimate conclusion that if a car is less efficient, it may be better rewarded by the government. Yet it is not quite so black and white.

Auto Selector is within a set range

When you decide to buy a new car, you probably already have a budget in mind. It seems stiff namely that YOU decide between Opel Agila or an Aston Martin DB9. And therefore the energy is suddenly quite a useful tool. Suppose you decide to get a car out of the so-called ?? compact class ?? To purchase, you will notice a number and choose models that offer these compact car ?? s. And it is not unlikely that you in your choice of the energy it makes roads. A fuel efficient car is not only good for the environment but also for your own show!

New car for just ?? s

The energy label is only for new car ?? s. When you buy a used car, so there will be no energy on the windshield. However, you can retrieve through various sites on the Internet to find information about different models and their fuel consumption. Although you do not get a rebate from the government on a more economical car than the standard in its class, but this of course has influence on fuel costs. You will notice that every time the pump!

More information?

Apart from the dealer in the showroom you can find much information about energy labels and fuel consumption on the Internet:
  • RDW: Fuel Consumer Booklet
  • AA: A- and B-label cars
  • AutoWeek