Experiences with the Toyota Auris Full Hybrid

The Toyota Auris has been nominated by the AA for the 'Family Car of 2011'. The first car with hybrid drive. In 2010 won the Toyata Verso and in 2003 the Toyota Corolla Verso. About testing and other features, advantages and disadvantages, and test results from the Toyota Auris Full Hybrid. And personal experiences with the Auris full hybrid.

What is a Family Car of the Year?

To take part in the Family Car of the Year Election, the car model must meet four conditions:
  • Hatchback;
  • Asking ≤ ?? 27500.00;
  • Market launch between May 2009 and May 2010;
  • Family car.

  • It also looks at:
  • Gasoline Moter;
  • Security;
  • Interior Space;
  • Accessibility;
  • Value for money;
  • Driveability;
  • Comfort;
  • Repositioning rear seat and
  • Boot.

  • Test Features of the Family Car Toyota Auris Full Hybrid

    The starting price of the Toyota Auris is ?? 22990.00. The number of seats is five. The dimensions are 424 cm x 176 cm x 151 cm. The contents of the luggage compartment is 279 liters with the rear seats up and 753 liters with the rear seats. The Toyota Auris has an engine including an electric motor and the energy A. According to the criteria of the ANWB Family Car of the Year Election is the Toyota Auris Full Hybrid ?? next to the Seat Ibiza ST ?? the cleanest car.
    The ANWB cites advantages of the Toyota Auris:
    • Existing first car with hybrid drive;
    • Whisper quiet;
    • High quality finish and
    • Basic version, already luxurious enough.

    The ANWB cites drawbacks of the Toyota Auris:
    • Limited luggage by battery;
    • Not suitable for overly large families;
    • With an electric motor you can pull a trailer.

    Other features of the Toyota Auris Full Hybrid

    The Auris full hybrid has a 73 kW 1.8-liter petrol engine, which is coupled to an electric motor of 60 kW. According to information from Toyota, both units together deliver an output of 100 kW, with average - depending on the size of the rims - 3.9 liters of fuel per 100 km consumption and extremely low CO2 emissions of 89 g / km emissions. The full hybrid Auris has an electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission with three driving modes:
    • EV mode to drive completely emission-free and noiseless electric energy;
    • ECO for a blend of performance and efficiency;
    • Power mode for maximum power.

    Testing Full Hybrid

    On May 31, 2010 concludes Auto News in a test ?? The full hybrid Toyota Auris Indeed, a blow not only to the cleanest car in its class, but also the cheapest in use ??. The Auris full hybrid is exempt from road tax and BPM, and has low fuel and maintenance costs. And for driving business, an addition of only 14%.
    On July 20, 2010 Rijtesten.nl publishes the conclusions of a test with the Toyota Auris Full Hybrid. Pros are: Tax advantages, Contemporary appearance and Luxury equipment. Downsides are: Limited luggage space and speed perception. It states on the use ?? With a little good will to realize so one 25 fine ??. With 17 inch wheels, the reported consumption of 4.0 liters per 100 km.
    On October 1, 2010 is often repeated by Autotesten.nl in a test with the Auris full hybrid ?? The lack of horsepower fact is more than offset by the excellent roadholding ??.
    The Toyota Auris 1.8 Hybrid since October 2010 the new leader in the ANWB Ecotest. The car reached the maximum number of stars and thus scored best in the test. According to the test the Toyota Auris 1.8 Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient gasoline car with a fuel consumption of 4.38 liters per 100 km. The assessment is based on emissions of CO2 and emissions of soot, NOx, HC and CO.

    Own experience with the full hybrid Auris

    • ?? The luggage compartment is through the battery fairly small, but can be increased by folding down the rear. ??
    • ?? A trailer is not possible, but a bike rack though. ??
    • ?? Given: small trailer behind Toyota Auris ??!
    • ?? The CVT automatic is getting used to, but then it runs great. ??
    • "The higher entry is easy."
    • "The ceiling is high enough for tall people."
    • ?? The car still runs 1:20 and assured that ?? from environmental benefits ?? very attractive."

    Family Car of the Year 2011

    In early November 2010, it was announced which of the 10 nominated vehicles ?? s the title ?? Family Car of the Year 2011 ?? has got. It is the Opel Meriva.
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    Comments (3)

    Economical driving a Toyota Auris Hybrid? Yes, that's possible! With a demo of the Toyota dealer Konijnenbelt in Nijverdal I drove once Holterbergweg up and down, between Nijverdal and Holten, a distance of +/- 34 km. Consumption: 3.4 liter / 100km. in that range is also a gradient of 10%. With my driving I Yaris 1:20.


    Since October 2010 I have a Full Hybrid Auris Aspiration. Now about 13000km on the teller.Om alike but start with the consumption: Toyota claims 3.8 / 100L ... mmm I do not know how they got it done, but realistically this average consumption is not. In practice, I get more out of 4.7 / 100L, and then I ride conservatively and with a low consumption goal. Perhaps it has to do with the files I daily encounter, number of km on the highway and the fact that I have relatively small city driving or under 50 km / p / h stay (more practical. The outside noise at speeds above 90km and the wind speed> 5: very present.


    Since mid-August 2010, I have a full hybrid Auris Executive (after previously having four Priuses had - so I know what ride to edit low consumption). Qualitative: nothing but praise; terms of driving dynamics: great; in equipment: more than sufficient, relatively small boot, but that is understandable and known in advance. I am skeptical relation to consumption: 4 or 3,8l / 100km is still wishful thinking, but said Toyota: first go 5 / 10000km running-and then talk. Recently, the 17 "wheels / rims swapped for 15" wheels with energy saving tires but have not had a good opportunity to test it properly (short trips, lower temperatures or with full load. A conservative estimate indicates impression that consumption is not more favorable than my Prius2009 what might be expected and far remains near the manufacturer, but:. It's wait and Rear view camera is a nice gadget but not functional, rather a bit dangerous considering the spatial projection Dashboard data will in due course.. to be adapted, there is much to see, but often quite a chore to get that just to see what you're looking for all offered data is of course to find someone who now finds exactly like that, but many seem inappropriate.. The digital dash display as in the Prius would mi also do much better. But ... a nice car.