Ferrari cars from Italy

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Ferrari is arguably the most famous sports car brand. The flashy red color, with yellow / black logo is of course fairly quickly. At least if the car is not his speed already noticed. Just after World War II, the first Ferrari is produced, a model that is able to win similar competitions. To date, the brand not only in the way a success, but in Formula One it regularly achieves victories.


?? La Ferrari ?? The life work of Enzo Ferrari began in 1947 when the brand was founded. Ferrari himself was born near Modena in Italy on February 20, 1898 and died on August 14, 1988, 90 years old.
The Galleria Ferrari is located on Via Betone Inferiore Maranello, near Modena, where the factory still stands. Be made up to 4,000 cars per year, so that exclusivity can be preserved.

Ferrari's history

Enzo was in 1923 when Alfa Romeo driver, he founded in 1929 the Scuderia Ferrari. After Enzo in 1939, after earning many victories, Alfa leave is agreed between the parties that the name ?? Ferrari ?? 4 years nothing to do with racing will have. The result was the creation of the Auto Avio Costruzioni.
Ferrari 599 GTB The factory moved from Modena to Maranello, two years later, started the development of a real Ferrari ?? ??. In the spring of 1947 than the momentous event takes place, the Ferrari 125 S, which in the end only four made, the factory rolls out. Designed by Colombo and ready for the first victory of the Gran Premio di Caracalla.
Besides cars built for racing, there are cars on the road.
In 1988, the Fiat Group to buy more shares of Ferrari, they had at the time already owned 50%, but after the sale shows that Fiat has a 90% share in Ferrari. The remaining 10% is still owned by the Ferrari family.

Formula I

The first Formula One was held in 1950, was of course the party of Ferrari. A year later, it won a big prize with Froiln Jos Gonzlez, in 1952 became world champion with Ferrari Alberto Ascari. To have been the day of Ferrari today is constantly present at the races of the Formula I.
At the start of the racing season in 2007 it was Kimi Raikkonen who has taken the place of Michael Schumacher. On October 21, 2007 he obtained equal the Formula I.
Ferrari 412

Some models Ferrari

Legendary is of course this model, from 1984, designed by Pininfarina. Typical of this model, where there are over 7000 are made, the air vents in the doors. The car can reach a top speed of nearly 300 km per hour and has only 5.4 seconds to get from zero to 100 km. Of course this is a manual car with an output of 390 hp. The car will be succeeded in 1991 by the 512 TR.
The BB 512
BB stands for Berlinetta Boxer and was the successor of the 365 GT4BB launched in 1976. No 950 pieces came from the factory. Five years later, a fuel injection system, and the car was now called 512 BBi of this specimen there are just over 1,000 pieces made. The car can drive slower than the Testarossa, but 283 km per hour and has a power output of 340 hp.
The 412
Ferrari has also produced four seater car, the 412 from 1985 is the successor to the 400GT. There have been approximately 575 cars of this brand. The car can hold up to 255 km per hour and in addition to an automatic gearbox an output of 340 hp.
The 599 GTB Fiorano
This 2006 next car is the successor of the 575M Maranello. It is a car that is very suitable for everyday use. In the design of this car twin taillights have been omitted. The car takes 3.3 seconds at a speed from standstill to 100 km, a maximum of 330 km per hour and has a power output of 620 hp.
Ferrari Sessanta

The logo, or the horse

There are different stories how Enzo came to the horse logo.
  • One of them is a nice legend: Enzo won a victory at the Savio Circuit where the Count Francesco Baracca had witnessed. There was discussion between the two after the game, in which Baracca told that if he put a horse on his car, Enzo would win more matches. The son of Baracca flew during World War I with the black horse on his plane. He was the best fighter pilot in Italy, but unfortunately it died. Baracca would find a nice tribute as Enzo would elect a black horse. Enzo took the black horse, but added the color of Modena as background.
  • Just simple, he loved horses
  • It came from his cava nonsense rules

In any case, the logo with the prancing horse used in Spa for the first time on July 9, 1932. It is still a mystery why the tail of the horse of Ferrari and Porsche was up while the horse Stuttgart Baracca and tail had it hanging down.

Ferrari in 2007

This year the brand celebrates its 60th year and comes with an anniversary model. Based on the successful model 612 Scaglieti anniversary model was built, the Sessanta. Are there, how could it be different, but 60 copies produced. The body of this car is available in two colors, with nineteen inch wheels, panoramic roof can be darkened. It has a rear camera and cruise control.

Nice to know

  • Our own Prince Bernhard Sr. was a good customer of Ferrari around 1950. Due to the good relationship between the prince and Enzo was eventually stationed a distributor in the Netherlands.
  • In 2007, approximately 1500 Ferrari's drive on the Dutch roads.

Ferrari Testarossa

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