Fiat Barchetta: history, buying tips and prices

Fiat Barchetta is currently a very affordable open two-seater. Compared with other popular open two-seater, like the Mazda MX-5, this car is something rare on the road and makes the Italian design certainly enough admiration.


From 1990 began the development of a new spider with Fiat. This open two-seater is expected to continue the long tradition of open two-seater Fiat. Initially, this project ?? Tipo B Spider 176 ?? mentioned. Later, the project name was 183 spider. During development were made several different designs, all of whom got a pizza name; so as not to get the attention of the lead design itself. These projects were the Marinara, Diavola, Atomica and Bismarck. Only the first three clay models were developed, Bismarck would not make this phase. It would be the model marinara that eventually developed into the later Barchetta.
The convertible was based on the Fiat Punto, but it got a 1.8L engine along with 131pk. Top speed shifted to 200km / h and acceleration to 100 was completed within rating 8.7 seconds. The exterior of the car was designed by Andrea Zapatinas, the interior by Peter Davis. This design decision was made to change the color of the exterior back The car was produced from February 1995. Initially, the car only comes in orange, but did not sell too well this. Other colors in the range, however, did the sale quickly revived. The name chosen Barchetta incidentally means ?? small boat ?? in Italian and comes for the first time in 1948, in a Ferrari from that time.
From 1995 to 2005 the Barchetta was built, with a break between 2002 and 2004. This was caused by the bankruptcy of the company that did the assembly of the Barchetta. Eventually the model in 2001 still get some small adjustments, such as a third brake light. There would be sold as ?? s 650 units in the Netherlands, the purchase price was around the price asked for a Mazda MX-5. The model was even slightly cheaper than the 1.8L version of the MX5.

Purchasing Tips

When Fiat Barchetta electrical problems are the biggest problem. Besides all the standard checks to be carried out in a car, it is therefore in this cabriolet extra important to try out all functions and buttons. In addition, the power windows can often be broken, this is often not the engine itself, but more that stuck to the windscreen and must be released. Safety belts can also sometimes cause problems; these do not always go as easily as they are released. The used tires and exhaust are also some sensitive; This can wear out quickly and must therefore be additionally checked.
Another item which need extra check, the soft top or hardtop. The soft top can of cracks when not folded properly. This can be checked if the wrong cap in the closed position. Check here for holes and cracks. The connections must be properly controlled, this can also sometimes fail at something. The first hardtops were not made of metal but made of plastic. The problem of these types is that water can flow in the trunk. Note also extra care at hardtops that are not originally shipped from the factory to the car; namely that do not fit perfectly in the car.


For a neat Barchetta of 2001, the prices are very reasonable; There are already good car ?? s sales from so ?? n 3000. For a copy with lower mileage, the price is already more towards 5 to 6,000 euros. However, the later models, t / m in 2005, cost more pieces. Here prices easily rise to 12 000 euro. The advantage of buying these expensive ones is, however, a more contemporary look and lower mileages.