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File Top 10-2009, 2008 and 2007. What are the worst traffic jams? The AA records all files from which a top is congestion in the morning and busiest traffic jams and bottlenecks in the evening rush hour. The Top 10 All Time File, the most congested, congestion severity, congestion, on which days are the busiest traffic jams and the top 10 files by bad weather. Also, the definition of the file, register files, the 1st traffic jam ever, the busiest traffic of all time and the congestion-free day in 2007.

File Top 10 of 2009 - Busiest Longest Most Files Dutch motorways - ANWB

File Top 10 2009 - Bottlenecks. The ANWB daily records all traffic jams on the Dutch A-roads. Below is the top file 10 of 2009. Later in the article you will find the top 10 files in 2008 and 2007..

File Top 10 of 2008 - Busiest Longest Most Files Dutch motorways - ANWB

File Top 10 2008 - Bottlenecks. The ANWB daily records all traffic jams on the Dutch A-roads. Below is the top 10 file from 2008 until now, that is, until the third quarter. Later in the article you will find the top 10 files in 2007.

File Top 10 of 2007 - Bottlenecks Ochtendspits and Evening rush hour - ANWB File Information

File Top 10 2007. The ANWB record of daily traffic jams, also shows that congestion on certain days of the week are worse than other days and on which roads to avoid most traffic jams.
Press File - File Gravity. Out of the top 10 can be deduced which interchanges and exits give the most congested. For this purpose, the term ?? traffic congestion ?? or ?? congestion severity ?? used, which means that the length of the traffic jam will be multiplied by the duration. For example, yields a file that 5 min. 3 km long and then 3 min. 2 km long press of a file + = 21 kilometers minutes.

Days of the week with the Least Files in 2007

  • Friday is the calmest, followed by
  • Monday afternoon and then
  • Wednesday afternoon

Days of the week with the Most Files in 2007

  • Thursday is the busiest day with the largest file heaviness in the morning and evening rush both
  • Tuesday

The files are generally only after 20:00 ?? evening truly dissolved.
Friday - Retail & Recreation Transport. Mainly business and many recreational traffic makes the Friday daytime on the roads is on average twice as crowded than other days. Especially in the Arnhem / Nijmegen region and in the south of the country Friday contributes considerably to the strong increase in traffic congestion. In this region ?? s the biggest problem areas:
  • the A50 Arnhem-Oss between junctions Grijsoord and Ewijk
  • A2 Utrecht - ?? s-Hertogenbosch in Hedel
Both projects increase significantly in the list of bottlenecks.

Top 5 - Bottlenecks Files Motorways - Ochtendspits 2007

Top 5 - Bottlenecks Files Motorways - Evening peak in 2007

Top 5 - Bottlenecks Files Motorways - Total 2007

File Problems - File Growth and Gravity File / file Press - Travel Files 2007 ANWB

File Problems - File Growth. The annual figures -the traffic information from the ANWB department Travel shows that we have stood in 2007 on the Dutch roads more often and longer in traffic jams than in previous years.
  • The total traffic growth is seen nationwide whopping 8.1% increase compared to 2006
  • The file heaviness is seen nationwide increased particularly between 10.00 and 15.30 22.8%
  • In particular, the evening strikers were significantly busier in 2007 than in 2006. The congestion severity between 15:30 and 20:00 hours increased by 6.5% compared to 2006
  • The morning rush hour was quieter and declined by 1.8 percent
  • Especially in the south and the Arnhem / Nijmegen were much more traffic and increased traffic congestion by about 20%
  • In the Utrecht region increased congestion in 2007 by over 13%

The files are sixty to seventy percent caused by commercial drivers. Since 1990, the congestion severity by an average 6.3 per cent annually.

Where does the file from Information? Motorways detection loops Supply and Exits

Rijkswaterstaat - ANWB - Traffic Service. In the Netherlands, Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the collection and processing of traffic from the main road. The distribution is left to so-called service providers such as ANWB and the Traffic Department. Rijkswaterstaat, the work under the Traffic Centre of the Netherlands. The intensity and speed of traffic being inventoried by detection loops in the road surface, thereby also generates information about traffic jams. These detection loops lie on a large number of highways in the Netherlands. In metropolitan areas approximately every 500 meters and elsewhere at least around junctions and ramps.

When you speak now exactly File? The official definition of Rijkswaterstaat

Definition File Rijkswaterstaat. A file is generally speaking a row slow moving or stationary traffic. In the Netherlands Rijkswaterstaat uses the traffic the definition of file as a collective term of three types of stagnating traffic:
  • slow-moving traffic: traffic that at least two kilometer ride nowhere faster than 50 km / h, but generally faster than 25 km / h
  • stationary traffic: traffic that at least two kilometers from virtually anywhere less than 25 km / h
  • slow-moving to stagnant traffic: slow traffic on often larger length herein on some pieces stationary traffic.

Weathering and File Problems - Gravity File or File Print by Rain and Snow

File Problems and Weather. The number of strikers with poor weather in 2007 was 30% lower than in 2006. In the first half of 2007, the congestion severity contributed to an increase of the bad weather. So led much rain in May and June to some extremely busy days, a storm on January 18 led to big traffic problems in the evening rush hour and the snow warning for February 8 resulted in a record low: 17.30 in total 12 kilometer traffic jam.

Top 5 Busiest Days - Weathering and Most Extreme Files - Spires 2007

A detailed overview of the traffic and weather conditions a month is found in Traffic News in 2007.

The File Top 10 All Time - Morning rush hour and evening rush - Longest Files in Kilometers

General File Facts - The First File - File and Free File Busiest Days in Netherlands

First File in the Netherlands. The first entry ever in the Netherlands on Whit Sunday May 29, 1955 as a result of day-trippers who went en masse on the road. This file appeared on Oudenrijn intersection.
Busiest File. The busiest morning rush hour was achieved on 8 February 1999. At its peak, there was 975 kilometers of traffic jams caused by slipperiness by a thick layer of snow. By comparison, an average workday's on the national roads 200 km traffic jam at the height of the morning rush hour. This means that there is more than 4% of the motorway network congestion.
Day Without File in the Netherlands. On Sunday, December 30th, 2007 was the first time any file in five years, registered in the Netherlands. Before that time there was a congestion-free day on March 30, 2002.
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