Flat tire paste

Everyone has heard his bike had a flat tire, it often happens at an inconvenient time. The simplest fix is ​​to leave the band at the bike, but the bike shop should be open and you have to get going there yet. It also takes still quite a lot of money, averaging 10 to 15 euros or more. You can save yourself by pasting the band, it is not difficult but there are a few things you should pay attention in order to achieve a good end result. A flat tire paste is not very difficult but it is important to have the right tools to do this. To start you need a bicycle tire pump, also thinking of what kind of valve has your tire. There are different types of valves, normal cycle valve, French valve and a Schrader valve. There are adapters that fit the bicycle tire pump so you can still use different valves. A tire repair kit, tire levers, sandpaper, glue and stickers are sufficient here in order to stick to 10 bands. A bucket or container filled with water in order to detect the leak, may also with a bit of suds. A pen or marker to highlight the leak found. Tool to loosen the wheel. The band slices and disassembling and reassembling the wheel takes gemideld 15 minutes of time.


Make sure if you want to stick the tape that the bike at a good height standing or hanging. Or turn the bike upside down on the floor with a mat beneath it to prevent damage to your handlebar and saddle so you can easily remove the wheel, use the right tools to turn the wheel nuts to avoid damaging the wheel nuts. The front wheel is really simple, nuts and lift out the wheel. The rear wheel is a bit more difficult to be sure when heavy chain is present. Then one side of the rear wheel and remove the inner tube while the wheel'll sit on the bike.

Disassemble tube

If the wheel is out you can completely deflate the tire through the valve to turn out. Store the valve carefully unscrewed. Now use the tire to be loosening the tire on one side of the rim, do not forget to make the first release valve and push it inward so you can remove the inner tube as a whole. On a bike with an enclosed chain to the rear wheel in the bike and leave the tube just described dismount from the tire.

detect leakage

Put the valve in the dismantled inner tube and pump it firmly, sometimes you can hear a soft hissing and it is possible that the hole so you can discover. Is this not the case then pull the inflated inner tube from a container or bucket with water so you can see the bubbles with a leak. If the leak is found you pull the tube out of the water, dry it and mark with a pencil or pen, the hole found.

Checking tire and rim

Carefully check the tire with your hands on both the outside and the inside of sharp stones, glass or pieces of metal. The rim should also be checked that there are no sharp edges carefully, end of spokes that are sharp and the rim tape is also still present and well seated in the middle, when the flap is replaced worn.


Cut yourself a patch to size or use a ready-made patch, make sure it is large enough, and a half cm and cut corners around. Make the hole to stick around and clean, clean with a slightly rougher sandpaper. CAUTION OR GRINDING TO PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE. Pump a little air into the tube so that it is just the model. Smear the paste over hole in the patch with Solutie also good rub with resolution. Allow the solution to dry until it looks whitish, stick the patch at one time in the right place and therefore it tight between thumb and forefinger. Let it dry.

Fitting inner / outer

First, remove the valve out again, stop the valve stem through the hole in your rim and turn the valve into it, pump the tube gently so that it is not twisted. Place the under-inflated inner tube inside the tire and the rim. Make sure the tube is not twisted. Pull your hands the tire back on the rim, sometimes the last bit is a bit difficult to use any tire. If the tube firmly in place the tire is properly inflated hard.
HANDY TIP; Make sure you always have a new spare tube with you, with a flat tire, you can mount it and the punctured tube paste home at your convenience. This patched tube you again at the next drive as a backup to take inner tube.