Fly to London via Rotterdam with Transavia

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From Monday 27 October 2008 start Transavia flights from Rotterdam Airport to London Luton, northwest of London. On weekdays there are two flights a day and on weekends a flight. Just one hour flight, the bustling metropolis of London waiting for you, love to go out a few days in between to make a business visit or to do your Christmas shopping.


Transavia thinks it can offer a good alternative for travelers through from Rotterdam airport to fly to London Luton, now the KLM flight Rotterdam London Heathrow was canceled.

Departure times

Fly from Rotterdam to London on a weekday with Transavia, do or early in the morning or in the early evening.
On weekends you fly on Saturdays at 14:05 and Sundays at 20:15.

Rotterdam airport

Operating as a 100% subsidiary of Schiphol Group and strive to be the best airport in the Netherlands, is flying from Rotterdam airport a relief compared to the chaos at the airport. Convenience and time saving is what experienced all passengers at Rotterdam airport to all amenities for every traveler.


By car: Rotterdam airport is located directly on the A13.
By public transport: via Rotterdam Central will all transportation to and from Rotterdam airport arranged by RET.
Parking: All parking spaces are located in walking distance from Rotterdam airport.
Taxi: directly in front of the exit of Rotterdam airport to find many taxis

Recently the side of Transavia named as the leader of the list of the growth of internet sales in The Netherlands, ranked by revenue size of stores. Next year Transavia call itself the biggest online store in the Netherlands.

Books with Transavia

Except your ticket, you can also arrange your stay in a hotel and / or apartment, your car hire, travel insurance and book your possible events very easily online at Transavia. Easy does it, everything arranged and clearly structured.

London Luton

London Luton airport is located just northwest of the city of London, and the main road to the M1 motorway. Nearby is the railway station. Every major major node in London is connected to the trein.Met train you within half an hour at the St Pancras International Train Station in London. From LTN is regularly the] ?? ?? easybus, shuttle buses to the city of London.


No other city has so many attractions and the city of London. Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, St Paul ?? s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, British Museum and the Houses of Parliament to name but a few. The underground network in London ?? The tube ?? is an excellent vehicle to quickly see the city.

Shopping and shopping

No more glorious city to do the Christmas shopping than London!
Enjoy shopping in the major classical and huge department store Harrods or Oxford Street with its 300 shops, every shop and store fanatic a must! Whether chic Bond Street in Mayfair. Prada, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana found in Sloane Street in Knightsbridge. In short, enjoy!

Transavia sells tickets for major events

As the Formula One, Wimbledon, the premier league of English football, concerts, musicals and operas. Make a visit to London unforgettable by visiting the prestigious tennis tournament in the world: Wimbledon!

Olympics 2012

London is always in the spotlight. Now they have the Olympic Games for the year 2012 are bringing in, London will be overwhelmed by all the international attention. A great opportunity to be all hustle and London are already to go visit.