Ford Focus 2011 is listening to his driver via voice

moons47 27-02-2018 Auto
In 1998, Ford brought the replacement of the toemalige Escort in the market, the Ford Focus. The new model threw high moments and won numerous awards. The current model dates from 2004, therefore, high time for change. The new Ford Focus 2011 Ford particularly wants to show how far they are in technology. For example, the new Focus will feature Sync technology, to 'communicate' as by car.

Ford Focus over the years.

The Ford Focus was launched in 1998 to replace the Ford Escort, which actually would remain in production until 2002. In 2004 it was time for a change, that Ford did with the current Focus model. The Focus is the only Ford model sold virtually worldwide. It therefore comes as no surprise that the Ford Focus was in 2001 and in 2002 the best selling car in the world.
The new Ford Focus 2011

The new Ford Focus in 2011.

Five years after the current model was launched it's time for a replacement thought Ford. And they do so with the third model of the Ford Focus. The new model will be in Europe and the U.S. are on display in the showrooms in mid-May 2011. Only later, Asia, Africa and South America.

The Ford Focus is more modern than ever.

The inner side of the car will be marked by the brand-new MyFord system. This new system will put the new interiors of Ford on the map as a cutting-edge combination of keyboards and display screens to operate the key facilities. In human language this means that the car will feature voice recognition, BlueTooth, connections for iPod etc., navigation and the brand new SYNC.

The SYNC technology in the new Ford Focus.

A special part of the MyFord system SYNC technology will be. This technology makes it possible to talk to the car so if it creates true interaction. Thus, it becomes possible, inter alia:
  • Only a street name and number to speak with the system identifies the city.
  • When children now ask whether it is still far 'will these SYNC technology automatically answer.
  • SYNC proposes to go to the nearest restaurant when someone says he is hungry.
  • All commands that can be controlled by controlling the inside using speech.
  • Automatically transmit distress call to emergency services in case of accident.
  • Automatic navigation to the nearest petrol station when the tank is nearly empty.

Besides the more than 10,000 commandos who knows the new SYNC system, the system will also identify all of these commands in no less than 19 different languages ​​including Dutch. That is a big plus as previous versions of voice recognition Ford just the major languages ​​such as English and French recognized.