Forgot to check out at the NS

The OV-chip card will replace all paper tickets. The price is determined by the in and out at the start and end station. Sometimes forget to check out the traveler. How can one ask for his money back and within what period should this happen?

Public transport smartcard NS

If you bought a ticket at the counter earlier to travel by train, nowadays it is all not so simple. Travel at the Dutch Railways passes through the OV-chip card. This card is valid for train, tram, bus and metro. The chip card is checked by means of transport and checked out. Check-in is at the station of departure, check-out at the end station.

Check in at the departure station

At the departure station must be checked with the Ov card. The stations are loopholes or loose piles with a card reader. The OV-chip card to keep it, the reader can see who is going to travel. There have nothing to be completed where the journey is going through or what station. There is an audible beep when the reader reads the card. The screen displays a message.
Checking in and out at the same station is free when it is checked out within 60 minutes. For example by those travelers coming goodbye. After checking in at a station may only three minutes to be checked out again. This is to prevent that one check-out accidentally.


The check is done the same way as the check-in terminal, the OV-chip card into the card reader. Two audible beeps. The reader calculates the journey and the price, and knows exactly what amount should be written off. When it is traveling at a discount, the reader knows this too: the discount will be deducted automatically.

Forget to check out

People dropping passengers must check in at stations. Within 60 minutes, they can check out again free of charge. When it forgets to check out, the boarding rate is calculated. In 2012 the boarding rate is as follows:
  • Anonymous and personal OV-chip card ?? 20
  • OV-chip card with off-peak hours ?? 10

The check on the arrival station may have up to six hours after checking in. So it is no problem if this does not happen immediately. Who completely forget to check out, its full entry fee lost.

Money back

The entry fee is a temporary rate is extracted from the card at check-in. It is a kind of collateral. The entry fee varies by carrier, when the NS income amounts to 10 euros for a subscription-peak and 20 euros for an anonymous and personal card. When it is checked at the final station, the boarding rate is again refunded. Who forgot to check out, actually pays a fine of 10 to 20 euros, depending on the OV-chip card The entry fee is in fact not refunded. It is possible to reclaim the amount of the NS.
Take as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours, please contact the NS. This can be done via the NS customer service, telephone 0900 ?? 202 11 63. Mention that it is to check out the password on the terminal. Filling out a form has often gives poor results: better to take direct telephone contact.
After 12 times forget to check out, the card will be blocked. It is not possible to over and over again forget to check out and ask for money back. The Ov-bag, that is the balance on the chip card, is also blocked. This can again be cleared after any debts have been paid. The NS can at the service counter. When the OV-chip card is blocked, the traveler will need to have an alternative ticket.
Who OV-chip card has forgotten from home, can buy a paper ticket at the full rate. The NS provides the service that every traveler once a year can claim a ticket via the 'forgotten subscriptions arrangement. This must be done within one month after purchasing the paper ticket. A form can be obtained from customer service.
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Thanks for the information, it's all me, is a lot clearer geworden.Ik had one question: The article states that there should be 12x forget to check out. Is this year?