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In programs like 'look at the road, "the" national traffic exam' and 'wegmisbruikers' often turns out that the knowledge of traffic rules and road signs has sunk or are not adequately controlled. Although this does not always mean that we are taking it wrong, it can not possibly hurt off the memory and to refresh and refine the movement of knowledge. Test on the basis of the following questions your knowledge of a number of road signs and the matching action in situations where these boards are placed.

Test your theoretical knowledge

The following questions are designed to test your theoretical knowledge traffic or just for fun. The questions are based on the theoretical knowledge required for obtaining the license-B. Select at each question correct or most logical answer and then write a 1 or a 2 on the answer, that you think it is right. At the bottom of this article you will find the answers and, if necessary, the motivation of the answers. Know yourself for each correct answer 1 point and see what is your final score!
Good luck!


Question A = 2: The speed indicated on the electronic warning signs are maximum speeds.
Question B = 1: this is a recommended speed, often placed in front of corners where you do not have the opportunity you look too far ahead and speed is not desired.
Question C = 1: Indicates priority road, these are in urban areas placed before an intersection and outside urban areas after an intersection.
Question D = 2: voorangskruispunt applies to drivers themselves. When traffic = road users would also apply to pedestrians and that is not right.
Question E = two: you have to actually stop, count two seconds if need be for yourself.
Question F = 1: closed in both directions for vehicles, riders and accompanying horses animals or livestock.
Question G = 2: a mandatory direction is an arrow in a circular road.
Question H = 1: closed for trucks. Buses may just run in here.
Question I = 1: closed for vehicles with more than two wheels. The motorcycle example is it allowed.
Question J = 2: follow direction. See also Question G.
Question K = 2: no parking, so it may stand still.
Question L = 2: even loading and unloading is no parking and is thus allowed. While the park include the disabled, the valid-in to the view have opportunity disabled parking in the car. The vehicle by itself therefore does not matter in principle.
Question M = 1: one has probably chosen a symbol of a truck, because it is the most plausible, but with the car you can also load and unload.
Question N = 2: ban on vehicles to overtake each other. Also applies to motorcycles.
Question O = 2: The motorway is intended for vehicles which can be faster and are allowed to drive 60 km. per hour. There are only flyovers and no traffic lights.
Question P = 1: the motorway is intended for vehicles which can be faster and are allowed to drive 50 km. per hour. Intersections and / or traffic, you can expect; tractors not the like.
Question Q = 2: within five meters before or after a VOP = crosswalk, you may not park, because then the view is taken away too much for both pedestrians and drivers.
Ask R = 1: dangerous intersection. Nader with caution!
Question S = 2: a moped riders must follow the rules of cycling, so this may be on a bike ride voluntarily, but only with the engine switched off.
Ask T = 2: at night may I always carry great light, as long as I do not inconvenience other road users / dazzled. Whether I ride inside or outside urban areas, does not matter.
Ask U = 1: usually these are "ready overs in or around schools or at other events, etc.
Question V = 2: you must -rijdend in a 30 or 60 km.-zone thus continue to realize you drive into such an area.
Ask W = 1: if different, it is displayed.

Renewed theory test by March 1, 2009

The theory exam for the passenger by March 1, 2009 consists of three parts:
  • A section on hazard recognition;
  • A section on traffic rules;
  • A section on traffic insight / risk ?? s.

As of April 1, 2010, you graduate to the new theory test if:
  • you're good at least 13 questions from the section hazard;
  • you have at least 35 questions right out of the traffic components and traffic insight.

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Hey, I have a reaction to the traffic test for driving license B. The answer to Question J wrong. The answer is two, contrary to what you claim. In the Annex 1 of the RVV 90 permit sign in image D4, with the description: Command to follow the direction indicated on the sign. Sincerely, L. Smelter


Indeed a stupid mistake, had not allowed the now aangepast.Bedankt gebeuren.Heb for correction.