Get a small boat license

Mereel 11-02-2018 Auto
Some you need a license to sail. Read all about the little license, the cost of a small license and how to make it. You can also find out where you can and can not sail a small boat license.

The small boat license

To be allowed to drive a car you must have a license. To sail in a boat, you need to have a license. Yet it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. In principle, everyone also without license boating on most waters. However, there are rules associated with. So you can boot up to 20 kilometers per hour sail. This is the same principle as for scooters. It's not about how hard you sail at the time of inspection, but the maximum speed that can sail on the boat. If you do not have a license to have a check the fine will soon About 300 euros. The same also applies to watercraft.

Boats with a length of 15 meters or more

If traveling with a recreational craft longer than 15 meters then you are obliged to be in possession of a license.

Minimum age to get a license

You can get a license if you are 18 years or older. It is possible to take an exam at a younger age, but your diploma will not be handed out / sent when you reach the age of 18 years.

Not everywhere sail a small boat license

A small boat license consists of two parts with the award of the first part, you may sail on small waters. If you want to sail on the IJsselmeer for instance, then you must also be in possession of two license. Also on the Eastern and Western Scheldt, you may not sail with only a small license, this also applies to the Wadden Sea. A strange exception to this rule is the North Sea to the North Sea you can also sail without a license, an exception to this are the ports that are located on the North Sea.

The content of the exam small license

The exam to get a small boat license consists of multiple choice questions. To succeed you must have approximately 21 of the thirty questions correctly. The exam is in particular about rules in the water and police regulations in favor of the shipping industry. You can also expect some practical questions on priority and dangerous heights. It is important to prepare yourself for the exam. There are available different materials, just like a theory driving license for a passenger car.

The costs of the small certificate

Obtaining a small certificate entails costs. These costs include the exam fee, which is currently set at ?? 49.00 and costs for the application and issuing the license, these costs at this time ?? 21.00.

Other conditions to take a small boat license

After passing the exam, there is only taking a hurdle before you get sent the license. You must send a statement that you are mentally and physically fit to drive a ship. If the statement along with a score sending you get sent the license within ten days.