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Autoschades are bad enough. If it happens to you as soon as possible in your repaired car can drive like new. Haans car damages in Tilburg is one such company that serves good purpose.

A little history of Haans Autoschades

The company originated in 1958 from a car rental company whose founder Jos Haan. Because leased cars returned often with damages, the idea arose to restore itself to these damages. The company grew steadily and in 1962 a building was in the Captain Nemo Strait involved in Tilburg.
It was not until 1979 that the Jos Haan settled in the current building at the Jules Verneweg 17 in Tilburg. Since the company is still growing and has a large property here available, which if need can still be easily extended. In 1994 there has been a major renovation, so the appearance was improved significantly. With this renovation has been given to the reception and the open work of the staff at the counter.
But the workshop has changed a lot over the years and improved. Son Bart took over the business in 1998 from Jos and invested heavily in repair methods and resources, expansion of loan cars and contacts with leasing and insurance companies expanded.

You damage and what to do next

First you report the loss to your insurance company, or in the case of a lease with your leasing company. In the latter case, you will be assigned a claim number, which the permission is granted to take leave the car in repair.
You submit a claim form with your company and depending on your policy and agreements with the insurance company may be made an appointment to begin the repair. Usually it is necessary to submit your green card and the registration certificate. Haan regulates the insurance details for you.

Replacement vehicle during the repair

You can choose from a whole range of loan cars, including one that is right for you. That may be a small compact car, but also cars with a tow bar, vending machines or vans for businesses sit upon. For sports enthusiasts there is even borrowed possible.

The total process of repair

A repair consists of the following operations, where you'll just make a few of them:
  • Make an appointment
  • the damage report and cost estimate
  • assumption repair
  • disassembly severely damaged parts
  • plate work
  • preprocessing
  • squirt
  • assembling parts or aligning vehicle
  • cleaning, washing and final inspection
  • delivering the

Your car like new

You advance with the schedule agreed on the repairs and the planned end date, your car like new again waiting for you. All agreed damages are repaired and as a service your car inside and cleaned out. Your car is like new.
The repair you can of course still get warranty. Since Haan Autoschades a Focwa Eurogarant company, you get 4 years warranty on every repair and you do not have to sit on a lower current value of your precious possession.

Additional service

For minor damage, there is the Snelservice created. You can make an appointment for these repairs where you can wait. For example, a mirror or a defect broken lock.
Also for the Total Service, please visit there. These are things like engraving your license plate in the window against theft, a windscreen repair or panel beating without spraying of minor damage.
What indeed is good for the environment and for your wallet, is the use of used parts. Is your car a little older, you can unpack it to your advantage to make the choice this fall. The warranty here is the same then as new parts would be assembled.

In short

So if you have been involved in an accident or you have been damaged in some other way to your car, please contact us with confidence with Haans Autoschades in Tilburg to bring your car quickly back into prime condition. You can contact them through the website or by phone.
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