Here they are: Dutch traffic police fines

elariel 28-01-2018 Auto
Have you recently flashed or if you have committed another traffic violation and awaits you on the giro? Here you can already see how much money you should reserve about to transfer to the Central Judicial Collection Agency!


When speeding is a difference between violations within the urban area, outside urban areas or on motorways. The figures do not lie!

Other violation


Hard drive costs so really too much. Especially when the gas is really quite depressed. Scant consolation perhaps is the knowledge that there is always place a legal correction of 3 km / h.
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Dear, We are 59 years old and come from Belgium. My wife and I regularly come to the Netherlands with our two scooters, each 125 cc.Mijn question - Can we ride on the bike path if we stick to the speed limit, and what is the max speed - Are we still require a helmet? wear - Our speed on the roadway is on average 60 km / h, where we have to drive because there are quite a few drivers who are annoyed;? Can you give me tips to get safely through traffic Thanks to voorbaatJef De Busser? , Geel, Belgium


What is the penalty if you go with four adults and two children sitting in a Renault Clio?


What is the amount of the fine which is on the unnecessary conduct of the fog lamp.?


Hi, I'm standing out on my bike in Amsterdam because I was driving across a bridge where I could not cross, stupid of me! I drove very slowly with cyclists mee.Op the receipt is an amount of 96 euros issued on 18-4-2013 but the giro that I got in on 24-7-2013 is 137 euro ??? This is not a increase penalty for not paying! What can I with this? Do not understand why the price is higher, perhaps mistake?