Highways: A27, A28, A29, A30, A31, A32, A35, A37

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The Netherlands has 38 highways. Public Works oversees the highways. The national highways have to move every day millions of cars. There are too many files. This article focus on the motorways A27, A28, A29, A30, A31, A32, A35, A37.

Highway A27

The A27 is 109 kilometers long. The highway runs from junction St. Anna Bosch with Bavel via Gorinchem, Utrecht and Hilversum to Almere. It is an important north-south connection: Northern Netherlands is connected to Noord-Brabant. Between Gorinchem Noordeloos lie lanes. Important bridges: the Hagestein Lekbrug and Merwedebridge in Gorinchem. Waters that are passed are: Maas, Hollands Diep, Lek, Amsterdam-Rhine Canal, Gooimeer.
intersecting roads
  • A59 Hooipolder
  • The A15 at junction Gorinchem
  • The A2 junction Everdingen
  • The A12 at junction Lunetten
  • The A28 at junction Rijnsweerd
  • The A1 at junction Eemnes


The A28 is 187 kilometers long. The highway runs from the A27 junction Rijnsweerd in Utrecht, through Amersfoort Nijkerk, Zwolle, Hoogeveen and Assen to Groningen. There are lanes on track Zwolle-Zuid to Ommen connection. On the route Den Dolder - The Uithof is also an express lane. But this is still in the legal procedure. Leusden at the ecoduct Leusderheide is open for the animals. There are also two permanent diversion routes: U31 ?? exit 27 to junction Hoogeveen; U32 ?? junction Hoogeveen to ramp Fluitenberg
intersecting roads
  • The A27 at junction Rijnsweerd
  • The A1 at junction Hoevelaken
  • The A50 at junction Hattemerbroek
  • The A32 at junction Lankhorst
  • The A37 at junction Hoogeveen
  • The A7 motorway junction Julianaplein
  • N33 at Assen-Zuid

Highway A29

The A29 is 13 kilometers long. The highway runs from Vaanplein via Barendrecht to the N259 in Dinteloord in Noord-Brabant. It is an important link between Rotterdam and south-west Netherlands.
intersecting roads
  • The N59 junction Hellegatsplein
  • The A59 at junction Sabina

Highway A30

The A30 has a length of 13 kilometers and is situated between Barneveld and Ede. It connects to the A1 and the A12 at Barneveld in Ede. Originally, the A30, the N30.
intersecting roads
  • The A1 at junction Barneveld
  • The A12 at junction Maanderbroek

A31 motorway

The A31 is 67 kilometers long. The road runs from the Dam from Harlingen and Leeuwarden Drachten. The road is partly freeway and partly Motorway: N31 - from Marssum to Drachten; the portion of Hemriksein to Drachten is also known as the Wâldwei; A31 - from Midlum to Marssum; N31 - from junction Zurich to Midlum.
intersecting roads
  • The A7 Node Zurich
  • The A7 motorway junction Ureterpvallaat
  • The A32 south of Leeuwarden


The A32 is 63 kilometers long. The highway runs from Meppel, via Steenwijk and Heerenveen Leeuwarden. There are two aqueducts: at Grou is the aqueduct Mid-Friesland in the Princess Margriet Canal; in Akkrum lies the Leppa aqueduct in the river De Boorne.
intersecting roads
  • Connection to the N32 at Wirdum
  • The A28 at junction Lankhorst
  • The A7 motorway junction Heerenveen
  • N31 at Leeuwarden


The A35 and N35 are along 76.5 kilometers. The N35 is between Zwolle and Almelo; and the A35 is between Almelo and Enschede. The A35 motorway is the first in the world to roll out asphalt was applied.
intersecting roads
  • The A28 near Zwolle
  • The A1 at junction Azelo
  • The A1 at junction Buren

Highway A37

The A37 is 47 kilometers long. The highway runs from Hoogeveen via junction Holsloot Zwartemeer to the German border. The new northern runway of the A37 has rollpave. This is sheetable asphalt that attaches easily to the surface. There are regular diversions: U31 ?? junction Hoogeveen Hoogeveen ramp-East; U32 ?? from exit 1 to junction Hoogeveen.
intersecting road
  • The A28 at junction Hoogeveen