History Renault

Since the glorious beginning of Renault on Christmas Eve in 1898, this company has become one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Europe and owns several peers. After the start by a student after having been a state-owned company is now a group with addition to their own brand also Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors and has a large share in Nissan.

The history

  • It was on Christmas Eve in 1898 that Louis Renault and his brother and some friends chatting in the street on his converted car kit. Louis had made a gearbox connected to the differential via a propshaft. There was a bet that he could drive up the steep hill of Montmartre with the car, which he managed. Because of this success, many friends asked if he could build for their cars.
  • End in February 1899 with his brothers, Louis founded Renault Frères because the demand for its cars continued to increase. The "factory" where the first cars came from standing in the backyard of the mansion of his father, just outside of Paris.
  • In 1902 his brother Marcel wins the race Paris - Vienna. In 1903 he dies during the rally Paris - Madrid.
  • In 1909, also draws his other brother retired from the company and dies two months later.
  • Louis went in 1911 to look at Ford in Detroit. Once back, he decides in a similar method as Ford to become the largest car manufacturer in France.
  • In World War Renault acquired a large contract from the French Army for armored vehicles.
  • At the Paris Motor Show in 1927, it was announced that the 40 CV retired. A year later, Renault introduced its successor: the RM. This is the first Renault car has eight cylinders.
  • The stock market crash of 1929 in the US also had effects in Europe. The result was that the Renault cars also were more sober, to counterbalance the changing market conditions.
  • In 1940 the Second World War broke out. Renault produced this war very many war vehicles and machinery for the Allies and the Germans. During the liberation of France in 1944 disappeared Louis Renault for this in prison and died there before his trial began. Renault Frères is state owned and renamed Régie Nationale des Usines Renault.
  • Renault Frégate is the first post-war car. This allows for the recovery of market share.
  • In 1946, the Renault 4 CV. It remained in production until 1961 and a million copies of it produced.
  • The Etoile Filante is introduced in the US in 1956 and it broke speed records.
  • The Renault 4 in 1961 on the market. The car followed the 4 CV and was an immediate response to the ugly duck of Citroën.
  • In 1964, Renault brings the Renault 16 on the market. This is one of the first five-door cars. Also this car had independent suspension. This car is car of the year 1966.
  • In 1972 appeared the Renault 5. This car was designed for that time was pretty tight and well in the city and highway driving.
  • In the 70 steps with the Renault RS 01 in Formula-1. This car won the 1978 24 Hours of Le Mans.
  • In 1984 the new version of the Renault 5 arrived on the market; the super5.
  • Also will be launched in 1984 the first space vehicle: the Espace. This car drilled a whole new market segment and of course was a great success.
  • In the 80 am Georges Besse appointed as foreman because he has proven to restructure state-owned enterprises. Renault was an organizational mess. Through its policy gone there a significant number of jobs, but the company did get financially healthy. In 1986 he was assassinated by a left-wing pressure group who resented that he had put people on the street.
  • 1993; Renault 4 goes out of production; 8 million units produced.
  • In 1990, Renault announced that they were going to make together with Volvo trucks. Within 10 years, Renault sold its share in this division, but received a 10% share in the Volvo Group.
  • The restructuring led to Renault became more independent and eventually went public in 1994. The French government is currently for around 15% shareholder.
  • Around the year 2000 Renault buys shares in the then ailing automakers Nissan and Samsung Motors. Of the latter it is 70% of the shares meerderheidsaanhouder and both manufacturers are now shared parts and building platforms.
  • Renault is also known in the racing world. The brand gained more than eight constructors titles in F1 since the 90s and has its own Formula 1 team. In 2009 this team was involved in a scandal, as a younger rider of the team required had intentionally crashed a car in order to give his teammate a victory that provided a better resultaaat for the World Cup. Sponsors fled and with the financial crisis which hit Renault F1 team take over the half by another party.
  • The financial crisis pressurized vehicle sales take off Germany Daimler and Renault a small share in each other. Daimler could result in her Smart car engines and components mount the Renault Clio and Renault and Nissan luxury models equipped with Mercedes engines.

The current models

Most of the current models of Renault was made after the restructuring. All Renault models score high in the Euro NCAP crash test. This is also part of the business tactics.

Renault and Nissan

The Japanese automaker Nissan came late 90s in financial trouble. Renault and Nissan entered into a collaboration in which Renault 44.4% of the shares Nissan and Nissan owns 15% of Renault. A model of Nissan is often made on the same plate as a Renault car. Furthermore, the Renault Clio in some countries is sold as the Nissan Platina.