Honda car from Japan

In 1948, Soichiro Honda founded by the eponymous car company. The Honda Civic comes in 1972 to market and appears to be a great success cars, especially in America. Now almost 60 years later there are more than 50 million cars ?? s drive from the Honda factories. For the year 2011, the first Honda hybrid on the agenda.


In 1906 was born in Hamamatsu Japan, Soichiro Honda. When he was eight years old, he saw for the first time a car. He takes himself that when he is old enough, he wants to own a car himself. Better yet, he intends on building a car.
When he was fifteen years old, he left his training early and goes to work as an apprentice in a workshop in Tokyo. At age 21 he opened a branch in his hometown, where he developed into a successful businessman-cum developer. Since he knows very well that he is a good dose of fog theoretical knowledge, he begins training at the Technical University of Hamamatsu.
For two years, education has been badly running piston rings factory has become a thriving business, but then begins WWII.
In 2007, Honda with Toyota one of the two last independent car and motorbike manufacturers in Japan.
Honda S500

The history of Honda

  • In 1948 in Tokyo, the company focuses Soichiro Honda Motor Co., Ltd. on. The company focuses on the production of complete motorcycles. Type A and B is made, this Honda achieves more than 60% market share in Japan.
  • In 1959, American Honda Motor Co. Inc. Founded in particular in order to enter the global market.
  • In 1962 the first European manufacturing facility opens in Belgium.
  • In 1963 Japan roles in the models T360 and S500 of the band. The first model is a company, the latter being a sports model in which year 1,300 cars were made.
  • In 1964, the S500 is replaced by a model with a larger motor.
  • In 1967, the Honda N360 is introduced
  • In 1969 was made in Taiwan and the Honda N600 Honda TN600.
  • In 1972 Honda Civic comes on the market, the small economical sphere. In America, this model the no-nonsense car ?? ??.
  • In 1976 the Honda Accord rolls out of the factory. This car is produced, inter alia, in Ohio. Honda was the first one to produce in America.
  • In 1981, Honda was the first to develop an onboard navigation system, the Gryo ?? Electro-Cator ??.
  • In 1989, Soichiro Honda supports into the Automotive Hall of Fame, which now Daimler, Benz and Ford already belong.
  • In 1990 the NSX is introduced, a sports car with an aluminum body.
  • In 1991, Soichiro Honda dies from liver disease.
  • In 1995, the presentation of the CR-V
  • In 2001, the Honda Jazz comes on the European market
  • Honda reached in 2003 a production volume of 50 million cars ?? s, of which approximately 15 million Honda Civic ?? s.

Honda Formula 1

Honda in racing

The founder of the car manufacturer Honda took the racing world the ideal stage to prove the quality of the Honda. He himself has the speed record in Japan for twenty years in my hands. Honda raced in Formula 2 and in 1964 even makes the move to Formula 1, where in 1965 the first victory is achieved with the Honda RA 272.
In the years ?? 80 and ?? 90 of the last century drove the McLaren and Williams with Honda engines. Some drivers and teams from that time included:
  • Nelson Piquet
  • Nigel Mansel
  • Alain Prost
  • Ayrton Senna

Honda Jazz in America the Honda Fit In 1999 the Dutch Jos Verstappen tested a Honda F1 car.
In 2006, Honda makes his comeback in Formula 1 for 2007 Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello drivers.

Honda in 2007

Canine S goes on sale, this is also a Civic. The car is produced in two engine variants, gasoline and diesel. The standard model features include Vehicle Stability Assist, air conditioning and remote-controlled car radio. The deluxe type has include cruise control and heated front seats.
At the Tokyo Motor Show is presented a concept car, a harbinger for a new compact coupe, a spiritual successor to the CRX, the CR-Z.
Honda NSX

Honda in the future

In 2008 will most likely be the new Honda Jazz produced. It is hoped a new Dutch breakthrough, the 2nd generation of this model is smoother. Jazz is in all respects a bigger car. The trunk space, wider wheelbase and track width. The steering of this model is in depth and height adjustable.
In 2011, the successor to the CRX will be in the showroom, but only as a hybrid car.
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Hello, I do not miss the fact that Honda is always special, highly efficient and very powerful engines developed. They met early 90s with the VTEC engine with variable valve timing and DOHC, eg one in 1600 for the civics with 160hp sitting on the 100 in seven seconds and smoothly draws to 220km / h. And the frugal version runs 1:17 average, unprecedented for a five-door family car of reasonable size, and even today still not equaled. Honda came in 2004 as the first with a hybrid with a consumption of 1:20. In addition, Honda Corp makes more devices other than cars, such as mowers, drills outside engines and of course the motorfitesen.