How do you extend the life of your car?

Driving is a costly affair. Insurance, road tax and fuel are an expense that can add up significantly. They are also cost where you can continue to exercise little influence within a certain margin. This is all the more reason to ensure that your car as long as possible in good condition and in that way as long and as cheaply as possible to be able to have fun.


One of the most important and vulnerable parts of the car is its engine. While you certainly do not do everything itself in the hand and can not avoid some problems, there are the necessary tips to help you lead to product failure can be as small as possible;
Keep the lights on your dashboard closely. These give you clues as to possible defects. If a row of the dashboard lights do not remain lit with the car, but ask an expert for help. This prevents the damage fails unnecessarily much greater than initially perhaps was the case.
Oil and coolant
Measure periodically the oil level and the coolant your car. These are actions that you can perform yourself easily. If you do not know how to do this, consult the instruction manual of the car or ask someone you know who knows more off. If in doubt, check it at a garage. Remember that the engine must be completely cool before you check these things!

Driving behavior

Driving behavior can have a major impact on the state of your car. While you certainly do not overly careful with the car to have to jump, following issues do have impact on wear and maintenance costs;
Cold start
If you start the car after it has stood for some time, then make sure that you are not equal full throttle driving off and therefore the engine unnecessary burden. Give the engine a chance to get the first kilometers quietly in temperature.
Drive carefully
Accidents do happen and you have unfortunately not always in their own hands. Row quietly rather wait and see if one time too many than too few. Lets you keep the risk of eye damage or worse minimized.
Try the oncoming traffic situation to assess well in advance and anticipate. Needless late braking provides additional rapid wear on your brakes and tires. These issues can at servicing or MOT provide major costs.
Short pieces ride
Diesel engines will, as a rule longer than gasoline engines. But especially for diesels is driving short stretches a lot less nice. This is because the combustion in this way does not get the chance to get back to work. Drive if your car only for short stretches used also have a longer distance along.

Tire pressure

Keep the tire pressure of your car regularly monitored. Low tire provides extra tire wear and also cost you extra fuel. You will find the required tire pressure in the instruction booklet of your car.

Paintwork and bodywork

The condition of the paint determined to a large extent the appearance, and hence the optical state of the car. A car is a bit older but still contains fine lacquerware is much milder than assessed a younger car where to find all the necessary corrosion spots. A number of points;
Bugs and bird droppings
Although over the years the paintwork of cars ?? s more and more improved and prevents rust fortunately less frequently, it is wise to wash your car regularly and thus free from flies, bird droppings and dirt. These include namely acids that can seriously affect the paintwork over time. Remove these cases, therefore, as soon as possible. The longer you let it sit on it, the more difficult you get it off. Put in washing these places as well in the first week and after a few minutes they are then quite easy to get clean.
Check the paintwork regularly for possible damage by eg rubble. Minor damage can eventually develop into rust. Often there is a pot of paint that you minor damage to the paintwork can update itself carefully in the glove compartment. If this is not the case, you can get the paint on the car dealer in the right color. Do this only in very minor damage and allow recovery of larger areas to a professional.
Consider also the underside of the car. Especially late in the winter months when there is a lot of brine also sprinkled clean the underside arranged in a car wash. This will prevent the corrosion process is accelerated by salt degradation.


Prevention is better than cure. Do not continue driving until there is something wrong with the car. Late in any case at least once a year preventively perform a major overhaul of your car. In this way, choke your upcoming defects in the bud.