How do you stick a bicycle tire

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A flat tire. This is a problem which has existed since the invention of the bicycle. Many people choose this option because of the cost in a bicycle quick high. By following these simple steps is sticking a band as easy as bringing it to the bicycle!

Why the band stick itself?

Why would you stick your tire? It's easy when there is no bike shop in the neighborhood. Also, it is cost-effective. Leave a tire repaired at the bicycle easily cost twenty euros. A tire repair kit containing at around five euros. This means you fifteen euros saved by pasting your own band!

What do you need?

Paste Band Set
For starters, you need a tire repair kit. These are simply sold at the local bike shop or do it yourself affair. A good tire repair kit consists of three iron "spoons". These are the tire. There must also be a tube of glue, sandpaper and tire patches in it. Additionally, you need a bucket of water, a bicycle pump, a dry cloth and a ballpoint pen needed.

Paste the band

Step 1: Remove the tape
Turn the bike upside down so that it rests on the saddle and handlebars. Unscrew the valve and allow all the air to run out. Remove all loose parts of the tape. Set the tire between the tire and spoke in a firm. Do this until all tire stuck this way. Now you can, if it's good, pick up the tire from the wheel.
Step 2: detecting hole
Now remove the inner tube from the tire. Inflate the tire now on a close the valve. Stop the full band now in the bucket of water. If air bubble out of the band you know that the hole is there. Dry the band and mark the location of the hole. Now feel first if a sharp object is present in the band.
Step 3: The tire slices
Drain the tube again. Sand the leaky spot lightly with the sandpaper. Now lubricate the patch full of glue and glue it on the tape. Let this whole now about 10 minutes to dry. Then you pump up the tire again to see if the hole is completely closed. When this is the case, you leave again deflate the tire. Put the tube is now back in the tire. Pump this whole a little bit and it's back onto the wheel. When everything well again in place is pumping you full on the band and the band is stuck!
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Yes you can always fix it with good material but the cost of a spare tire now precious little? I helped several people in my street they had no keys and knowledge of technique servants who knew only one office in their life I by car to a bicycle repairman what he did put a bin and new which was not so expensive.


Correction to step 3! Lubricate the patch but not the spot on the thin band in the glue let it dry for a moment and then the patch pressing it.