How does the smart card

The smart card will soon be universal ticket for all public transport in the Netherlands. Who by bus, tram, train or metro ride, will soon have only need one card. Rotterdam acquired on February 11 the first strippenkaart off and also individual train tickets and season tickets quickly belong to the past.

What is a smart card?

The smart card is a laminated card the size of a bank card, equipped with a memory chip on which you can load money or transport product to travel. The chip card is available in three variants:
  • The personal OV-chip card: benefit from a personalized smart card is that it can be lost or stolen and that it can be charged automatically blocked. It is also convenient that your individual travel data are accessible online, for example, for declaration purposes.
  • The anonymous OV-chip card: has the advantage that it is interchangeable. So he is using more than one person, but can not be blocked if lost or stolen.
  • The disposable OV chip card: it has a pre-set period of time and can only be purchased from vending machines and selling stations. The card is not rechargeable.

The OV-chip card of the affiliated transport companies have certainly not uniform layout, but all possess the same functionality. So it does not matter which transport company delivers the chip to you, you can use them with any associated transport company.

How does the smart card?

Use of the public transport chip card is very simple. Depending on the chosen variant card are three basic actions required:
  • Applying or buy a chip card. A personal chip card you can order via the website or the website of your transport company. You can do this digitally upload your photo and settle the payment via iDEAL. Who wants to buy an anonymous smart card or wergwerpchipkaart can obtain this at the sales and recharging machines in railway stations or at the desk of transport companies that accept smart card.
  • Charging the OV-chip card. To actually travel with the OV-chip card which must first be charged with a sum in euros ?? s or a travel product. It's easiest to reserve a certain amount of money on the smart card which then travel expenses are paid based on mileage. Those who choose to load a travel product on its chip must think of a way, a return ticket or a ticket for a particular course of travel.
  • The check. Travelling with the OV-chip card is very simple. Travelers check in at the start of the journey and check again thereafter. The smart card contains sufficient funds or a travel product you check in by holding the card against the display of an access gate or card reader, and then opens the gate. Loose readers give a confirmation signal. After the journey, you need to check out in a similar way. Keep the chip card before again to display or card reader.

How much does the OV-chip card?

Condition for introduction of the OV-chip card that was traveling on average should not be expensive. Unlike the current system, the travel costs of the smart card is no longer based on a zone fare, but you pay only for the actual kilometers traveled. A fairer system accordingly. The zone rate was less refined and grabbed for some travelers advantageous or disadvantageous. The chip sets at check itself determine how many kilometers were traveled and how many travel expenses amounts.
Basic rate
Who ?? on balance ?? traveling with the OV-chip card, pay at the urban and regional transport except road pricing also a fixed amount, similar to the base strip on the voucher. Step inside 35 minutes after check in, you are not even the basic rate payable once. The base rate is established nationwide and is currently ?? 0.75.
Entry fee
Who ?? on balance ?? traveling, at check for bus, tram and metro in charge for a so-called boarding fee, which is set for 2009 at 4 euros. After checking out that entry fee back again deposited on the chip, and the actual distance traveled will be charged. Who does not check out, so pay the full entry fee.
Mileage Rate
The mileage rate however has no national determination. Provinces and Municipalities shall, in consultation with the local transport companies the kilometer rate.
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If the bus because of circumstances must drive, which also cost me extra money from my ov chip?


What if they have the guts to give free public transport in the Randstad then this country will be an example for all EU countries. But it is once again pull money out of pocket of citizens. I'll go with the car. If I go to Utrecht, Leiden and return with three people it will cost my 45 euros. By car 15 euros. very much like a system.