How much does a used car repairs?

When purchasing a used car, you know in advance how much maintenance you do not have to make. Still, you can get an impression based on the make and type of vehicle on the average cost of a repair. One car is more expensive to maintain than the other. A very exclusive car is not only expensive to buy, but also to maintain. Indeed, you can not bring it to the local garage, the car that has the parts in stock. Also, the components on such a car to be replaced ?? s are costly.
There are also certain characteristics of cars ?? s you must take into consideration in order to buy a car or not. The former Alfa Romeo had a bad reputation because they rust quickly. Other bad characteristics of certain car ?? s ?? n are so small drawback, you can hardly take it into consideration. The Peugeot stance given the feature that the lights in the headlight often had to be replaced. In this article you will find the most reliable used cars ?? s and the least reliable.

How to find a reliable used car?

When buying a used car, you should also have a bit of luck. On the internet you can find various studies on the reliability of specific brands, but that does not mean that all copies are good. Buying a car which has been checked recently APK, does not mean that there are no major cost to come down. The ANWB can carry out a kind purchase inspection. This study provides insight into the quality of the car. Your car you can also inspected by your dealer before you buy the car.

Reliability Index

Britons can buy a kind of extended warranty for their used cars. The company where the British to conclude a contract with it, take the maintenance on its behalf. The contractors pay a fixed amount each month. The amount of the lump sum is dependent on the brand and type of car. The rates will be based on the Reliability Index. To offer they must first get insight to such an arrangement in the average cost of maintaining the car ?? s. This type of information can of course also make good use when purchasing a new or used vehicle. We want all of keeping the costs as low as possible.

The cheapest car ?? s maintenance

The following top five according to the reliability index is the most reliable, based on how often the car is in the garage and for how long, and what the average cost.

The most expensive car ?? s maintenance

The following top five, according to the reliability index the least reliable.