How to find all cheap flights

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How do you create the list in adultery-term supply of cheap flights of more and more airlines?

Find cheap flights

Who inexpensive traveling, can now choose from a dozen airports in the Netherlands or just across the border in Belgium and Germany. The map of Europe is dotted with travel destinations, as well as in the rest of the world the cheap air travel are becoming more numerous. The trick is only to bring order to the overwhelming demand.
Never before the traveler is so spoiled, but never before was also review the offer so far away. Airlines that offer cheap flights to cut down simply have the habit everywhere, and therefore also to travel agents and their reservation systems. The result is that you can only buy tickets RyanAir RyanAir, EasyJet and only at easyJet.
Now, there are now more than one hundred airlines have thrown themselves on the cheap flights and airline tickets to this offer in more and more routes. Routes also often change. How do you make sense of this disorder, what are all those companies on which destinations they fly and where can they be god's sake?

Sites with reviews of cheap air travel

Despite the fact that low butged airlines no middlemen and agents want to pay, there are still people who have seen bread in setting up websites which give a good overview of all providers of cheap flights and their destinations. Their motto; as the low budget partnership pains not want to pay for our work, have placed advertisements do just that on the website.
Some good examples of websites that give an up to date overview of all routes with flights from discounters are these:
On this site you will find a map of Europe and region. Hold the mouse over a town and there appear lines to all the cities which can be accessed cheaply. Already moving around the map shows all routes; it can not be faster. You can also select a destination in a long list of city names, then get a summary of all low budget airlines fly there. Want to book a flight you will be redirected to the relevant airline, where you book. Cheapflights also has its own search engine that you can try. Website:
Which Budget
Another website that provides a quick overview in the jungle of cheap routes of WhichBudget. This site is not confined to Europe and its immediate surroundings, but gives a global view of all the cheap flights! Simply select your destination and get a list of airlines that fly there. Again you will be redirected to book a flight on the low budget airline. To give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of the phenomenon cheap flight: '123 airlines - 133 countries - 969 airports - 25 068 routes' website reported WhichBudget. Not so wrong. Their system, however, will help you within a few clicks to the desired information. See: This website incidentally, began with a loving English and French student who dreamed up opportunities to see each other as much as possible. Long live love!
As noted, these are just two examples. This market is moving strongly, and new initiatives will follow quickly. Although there the actual trade make no dry bread, make advertising revenue from the website that good again.
And another thing, 'normal' airlines to follow up flight times almost present. If, for example an inexpensive flight Barcelona - Buenoa Aires've found, check that the same company will charge for Amsterdam - Barcelona - Buenos Aires. Sometimes that's hardly expensive.
Many travel fun!
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