Hybrid cars hugely popular in Netherlands

The hybrid car is very popular in Netherlands. This is mainly due to the favorable tax rules that exist for hybrid cars. Not just commercial drivers benefit from this advantage. Also, individuals who buy a hybrid car, take advantage of the tax benefit. No wonder that more and more manufacturers focus on modern technology.

What is a hybrid car anyway?

A hybrid car is a car that uses multiple drive technologies. In general, the traditional internal combustion engines are combined with an electric motor. Both motors can independently or together to drive the wheels. When both the engine and the electric motor directly with the wheels is connected, we also speak of a parallel hybrid powertrain.
Simply put, it is a combination of multiple drive motors.

Toyota and Honda leader

When it comes to the best-selling hybrid cars in the Netherlands, Toyota and Honda are the absolute best. Toyota has PriusPrius which has recently been renewed. Honda has the Civic and the Insight. Besides these brands, also with three Lexus hybrid models running. However, Japanese brands have formidable competition in the future. A large number of car manufacturers are already working on developing hybrid cars. In 2010 there are many introductions to the program. How hard it is, the automotive industry continues to move.

Netherlands leads

Netherlands, in comparison with the countries around us, the undisputed leader. Sales of hybrid cars are here ostensibly easier by the many tax advantages. So dont have the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic and Insight no BPM has to be paid. Also, the addition for the business drivers of these cars is very low. This is probably the secret of the success of these cars in the Netherlands.

Comparison Netherlands - Rest of Europe

Over the past three years, the sales of hybrid cars in the Netherlands increased explosively. In 2007 the market share in the Netherlands of hybrid cars was approximately 0.64%. In 2009 this is no less than 4%. And that is much more than in the surrounding countries, where sales is still less than 1%.
Overview selling hybrid cars in numbers

The future

The future for the hybrid car looks rosy. Except in the Netherlands will also in other countries in the future, many tax benefits for hybrid powered cars. CO2 emissions must be reduced and this may very well using hybrid technology. The next step will undoubtedly be fully electric car. Here too many brands are engaged in the development of these cars. For example, the automotive industry is already ahead of the possible shortage of oil in a few years.

Big brands and hybrid technology

In addition to Toyota, Honda and Lexus are other brands which are engaged in the development of hybrid cars. This also includes big brands and brands that you do not expect this development, such as:
  • Peugeot
  • Porsche
  • Hyundai
  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • Infiniti
Even Toyota and Honda continue to expand their range of models of hybrid cars. Honda expects even within a few years to offer five models with hybrid technology.