Keep the battery out of your engine in top condition!

Of your motorcycle battery always deflation. If you regularly use the bike, the battery remains in top condition. All the tension that has been lost, are replenished by the alternator while driving. However, when the engine is stopped for longer periods, such as during winter, the battery will discharge. The entire condition of the battery will otherwise deteriorate. The solution is to connect the battery in this inactive period, in a trickle charger.

Low battery

When the first days of spring are emerging, many motorcyclists get their bike back from the stable. The engine is cleaned, the motor suit goes on, and ?? then does the engine will not start. In 90% of cases, this is due to an empty battery. The solution is obvious: buy a new battery! That you again costs many tens of euros ?? s. Who had you you could save by keeping in this inactive period the batteries conditional on level 'with a charger!
Your motorcycle battery always deflation. That process can not hold against. It is sometimes said that disconnecting the battery can help by prolonged inactivity, the drain to stop: it is not true! Especially if you decide, just put away somewhere in a closet battery.

Charging and discharging

It is not good for the battery to fully discharge and then again to be fully charged. Stories doing the rounds that such a blow ?? ?? is good for the battery. The opposite is true. A battery stays in better condition when it is regularly shorter load impulses; When the cycle is reduced and the difference between 'discharged' and 'loaded' is less. At very long intervals occurs greater wear on the battery and shorten the life of the battery.
While driving
The engine battery is charged during driving. This is effected by means of the dynamo. The battery receives the alternator low voltage between 13.8 and 14.1 volts. At a higher voltage, even at 14.4V for example, you reach the gassing voltage of the battery. That means a risk of overheating of the battery: the battery can be boiling inside with adverse effects. If you regularly continued use of the motor, the battery remains in top condition. He walks a bit empty and load again by driving. When the engine for long periods at a standstill, eg in winter, the battery will slowly deflate. The battery condition is deteriorating and that is not to repair damage. It seems to be that a battery is completely discharged, has lost about 25% of his condition ?? for good!
Battery charger
To re-charge an empty battery, you can put the battery on the charger sites. A battery charger delivers basically the same energy to the battery when the generator does when driving. So the same rules in terms of voltage apply. Note that when the battery is full once and remains connected to a charger then may the voltage of the charger emits are not too high. This also applies to the charging current, of which the stabilized voltage is 13.8 volts. Better still slightly lower, because it does get a mild form of corrosion on the plates, even if there is a continuous flow keeps running. This can cause a short circuit.
Trickle Charger or maintenance charger
To the battery of the motorcycle in a period of inactivity or to continue to provide short-cycle charge and discharge, you can connect the battery at this time on a maintenance charger, also called trickle. These can be attached to the battery for a long time without problems.
The principle of the trickle charger is simple. The charger provides power to the battery to a particular battery voltage. Is that level of achievement, then turns off the charger. The voltage rises slowly to a certain level, and if that is achieved, the charger switches on again. There are also drop chargers continue to deliver a continuous stream. The trickle charger prevents sulfation and self-discharge of the battery. Sulfation caused by too little activity in a lead battery and acts as a battery is not used for a longer time. Because too little circulation, there is a layer of lead sulfide crystals on the lead plates. These large crystals can charging at the back no longer be broken down. This is a serious damage to the battery, and then it should almost always be replaced.
It may be that you want to keep connected to the motorcycle during the period of prolonged inactivity or on the alarm. By placing the battery trickle charger, the battery can provide continuous power to the alarm system without the battery is completely drained directly by the alarm system.

Issues and Tips

Types chargers, from cheap to expensive sale
There are several drop chargers on the market. From cheap to the higher price ranges. While there are also different opinions about what is better now. Or safer. You should look at a cheaper charger, which usually consists of an adapter that you plug directly into the wall. The positive and negative wire coming out of the AC adapter can connect directly to the battery poles. About this trickle chargers is said that they may be unsafe. There is often no protection and limitation on the adapter. Which thus remains only provide power. Now suppose that your battery has been standing still for too long, it can short circuit the cell plates. The power supplied from the adapter creates a growing tension inside the battery, causing explosion and all dangers. Are you handy, rather than at least a 1 Amp fuse in the positive wire, which breaks the circuit when overloaded.
New battery
Did you say goodbye to your old battery and a new purchase? Hang the first half day of the trickle charger. This gives you a longer life of the battery. A new battery is filled to 80% capacity. If you do not first build slowly up to maximum capacity, the battery will ?? think ?? that with this 80% is already at the maximum level. In other words, he will never use the full capacity, but keep stabbing at which 80%. Building the capacity of the battery, do the best with a very low charging current. You can use the following steps to build up capacity of your new battery:
  • Fill the battery with the correct battery acid
  • Put the battery for one hour to one side
  • Connect the battery to the trickle charger and leave it connected for 3 to 5 hours
  • Rule of thumb: Charge up to 1 / 10th of the battery capacity
  • Disconnect the battery from the charger and allow the battery to drop another 2 hours somewhere quiet stand
  • Place the battery in the motorcycle

Starting with the aid of the car
Do you have a flat battery from the motorcycle and still want to motorcycling now? There are those who join the motorcycle using jumper cables to the car battery, and thus get the bike to work. This operation can be used, but it is strongly discouraged. It are two completely different systems: the car and the motorcycle. It can certainly be going well, but there are many examples of cases where it does not go well. With major damage. Learn how to start with jumper cables can be read on several websites and forums.